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'Foldable screen V3' will have pre-sale on February 6 in Brazil

Motorola Razr pre-order opens on February 6

Motorola Razr pre-order opens on February 6

The Motorola Razr, a foldable screen phone that resurrects the classic V3 model, will go on pre-sale on February 6. Initially, sales were scheduled for January, but the company ended up postponing it.

In the USA, where the pre-sale has already started, it will cost US $ 1,500. In Brazil, Motorola says that the price will be revealed on the day of the pre-sale, which will occur in physical and digital stores, in addition to the sales channels of Claro, Tim and Vivo.

Opened, the Razr looks like an ordinary smartphone: it has a 6.2-inch screen, fingerprint sensor and rear and front cameras. When folded, the Razr has a 2.7-inch external screen on its front. Touch sensitive, the panel can be used to answer calls, read emails and even answer messages.

Developed about three years ago, it has Brazilian reasons: according to the company, the first 30 prototypes of the device were tested here. In surveys, we realized that people wanted a big screen, but at the same time, a small phone, state Jos Cardoso, president of Motorola Brasil. In addition, we noticed that the nostalgia of the V3 had a very strong appeal among users.