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Finally! Dark mode comes to Whatsapp. Learn how to activate

After a long wait, the Dark Mode officially arrived on Whatsapp; see how to activate

It took, but it arrived. O Whatsapp j can be used in dark mode ("Dark mode", in English). O Whatsapp sent a new update via the Google Play Beta Program which allows it to be darkened.

O Showmetech already tested the Whatsapp in dark mode and shows, at first hand, how it looks in dark mode. Also check out the step by step to activate on your smartphone. It is worth mentioning that the function is only available through the update 2.20.13. If you have this version, the ?Dark Theme? function may appear in WhatsApp settings > Chat .

How to leave WhatsApp in Dark Mode (officially)

  • First, update the back of the Whatsapp for beta 2.20.13 of Android;
  • Then click on ?settings?;
  • In the ?conversations? menu, go to ?Exibio? and ?Tema?;
  • Then, a pop-up appears on the screen: "Choose a theme";
  • Finally, just choose between ?Dark?, ?Light?, or ?Defined by battery saving mode?.

Each function

  • Clear theme: the usual white theme, common to all who use the platform;
  • Dark theme: the dreamed dark mode;
  • Set by Battery Saver mode: available from Android 9 and in previous versions, which allows you to automatically switch to the light and / or dark theme, according to the smartphone battery.

As you can see in the images below, when the function Dark Theme is enabled, all sections of your application Whatsapp are in dark colors (night blue). Below, you can see an image of the privacy settings. In conversations, you can view the chat balloons in green.

Dark Mode does not appear

If you managed to make the last update, but the option does not appear on your smartphone, it is recommended to do a backup your app's conversation history and reinstall the Whatsapp.

Every time you reinstall the application, the most recent server settings are downloaded, with a good chance that the dark mode will appear. If you have made this method to activate it and, even so, the resource persists in not appearing, unfortunately you will have to wait for the next updates, which should be announced soon.

If you are a beta tester of Google Play Beta Program, now just update and enjoy the desired dark mode. If it is not available, just wait for the platform to be released soon to the general public. There is no information for the iOS system, Apple.