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Everything is foldable! Lenovo shows prototype of the world's first foldable PC

Following the market trend in 2019, Lenovo did not want to be left out and presented the prototype of the first foldable PC on the market

THE Lenovo presented, during the convention Accelerate, which takes place between May 13th and 15th, Flrida, your first prototype of the first foldable PC ever made. Still unnamed, it is believed that the new prototype will join the family of ThinkPad X1.

Photo shows Lenovo's new PC prototype, a foldable PCLenovo foldable PC prototype, where it can stand upright without any support

Foldable PC promises performance and mobility

Being just a prototype and basically incomplete, the Lenovo informs that in 2020 we will have more news about its new foldable PC, and emphasize that something that the market has never seen before, a new PC that will prove to have a very easy mobility to be taken anywhere.

"Not a cell phone, not a tablet, but a new PC with innovative functions and a foldable screen".

Lenovo, during Accelerate

Still not much information about the new Foldable PC, it is possible that Lenovo disclose your specifications on CES 2020, an event that gives the stage for the most renowned companies in the market to show their technologies and their plans for the future. What was disclosed by the company that the computer has a 13.3 inch screen with a OLED 2K made in partnership with LG. The company also announced that the computer will run on an Intel processor, and will come with Windows already installed on the system.

As the Galaxy Fold, the prototype of Lenovo can fold and unfold, with a technology that uses magnetic locks to make the ?magic? of folding happen smoothly and precisely, just like the smartphone Samsung.

Photo shows Lenovo's prototype near other computers, standing out with class close to themLenovo's new prototype stands out with a certain class close to other PCs

notable as the prototype of the new foldable PC from Lenovo can stand out among other computers when placed side by side. The prototype promises ease on a day-to-day basis, with portable and powerful tools for those who want to take work wherever they go.

Still without a release date announced, the foldable PC from Lenovo is expected to be released in 2020 and we will probably have more news about it in the CES 2020, which happens in the first quarter of the year. Are folding devices really the future of technology? Comment in the fields below your opinion on the subject.

Watch the presentation video: