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Earn your space pilot “wings” and remember reaching the moon on Route Fifty

On July 20, 1969, the first "conversation" took place between the Earth and the Moon when the lunar module Eagle landed on Earth's natural satellite. Hours later, Neil Armstrong would say the famous phrase a small step for Man, as he took the leap that marked History and that today brings us closer to Mars.

Inspired by an achievement that will complete 51 years in 2020, the Italian agency Caffeina created Route Fifty, a browser game where the user can earn his space pilot wings.

According to Gian Guido Ponzini, 3D artist of the team that created the website, the idea behind Route Fifty started as a simple research and development project that quickly became something much bigger. In just a month, the team went from a 3D prototype to a complete game.

Initial game type Route Fifty Credits: Caffeina

In Route Fifty, the player's mission is to fly a small ship through unknown space terrains, controlling it through the keyboard. The mission may seem apparently easy, however, along the way there are some obstacles, such as bombs or even elements that slow the ship, which may appear when you least expect it.

In addition to flying under space landscapes and circumventing obstacles, the user can remember the arrival of the Moon in 1969, as well as the entire history of space exploration that this event generated. Aspiring pilots can start their journey on the page created by Caffeina.