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Curiosity: how much work it takes to buy an iPhone XS

In September, Apple unveiled its new smartphone models: the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It also broke a high price record with the iPhone XS Max, being the most expensive iPhone in the history of Ma (in Brazil, then, scary!).

Based on this, the analysis department of the company Picodi conducted a survey in several countries to show how long a person needs to work to buy the new iDevice. As a basis for the research results, the official prices of the iPhone XS 64 GB and statistics of the average salary of each country were used.

What result in Brazil?

According to the survey, Brazil is the 4 country where people have to work hard to buy iDevice. On average, you need 118 days to purchase the new 64 GB iPhone XS.

And in other countries?

The best result is for the population of the United Arab Emirates and well-developed European countries. In Norway, for example, just work for a week that you can take the iPhone XS home.

See the full survey

The following is the graph with all the results of the survey prepared by Picodi:

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