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CES 2020: UFO is a portable gamer PC in the best Switch style

Dell introduced the Concept UFO to the world, a prototype of a portable PC that runs Windows 10 games in a similar way to the Nintendo Switch.

THE Dell took advantage of CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show) to present three prototypes of their electronic products to the world. The highlight goes to the Concept UFO, which is a kind of ?Nintendo Switch? that runs PC games. In addition to this, there is also the Concept Ori it's the Concept Duet, both of which are new ways of thinking about laptops. Let's take a look?

Concept UFO: Playing PC games on the Joystick!

Concept UFO Dell's bet to innovate in the way of playing PC games (Photo: Reproduo)Concept UFO Dell's bet to innovate in the way of playing PC games (Photo: Reproduo)

One of the Dell it was the Concept UFO, a new way to play Windows 10 games along the same lines on the Nintendo Switch. It is basically a portable video game that runs PC games on the screen of a joystick or on a dock if the player wants the game on a more traditional monitor.

The screen has 8 inches and two removable handles, and the design appears to be purposefully similar to the Nintendo console. Little information has been officially released, but from what circulates on the web, the console runs its games at 30 FPS in portable mode and 60 FPS when docked.

USB-C outlets are located both at the top and the bottom of the Concept UFO, which can be used both to charge the device and to connect to an external monitor. Considering that the console runs the already mentioned Windows 10, it is speculated that it is possible to connect a mouse and a keyboard to use as a PC.

In addition, the Concept UFO weighs a little less than a kilo, being considerably heavier than the Nintendo Switch, but still comfortable enough to carry it.

The Verge journalist Chaim Gartenberg had the opportunity to play demonstrations of Rocket League, F1 2019 and Mortal Kombat 11. According to him, the Concept UFO ?Does not present the best graphics ever seen for these games?, but the gameplay was very fluid and free of lags, seeming superior when compared to Nintendo Switch conversions.

Because it deals with a prototype, no specifications were released and, consequently, it is not known what its real capacity is to run games. It is also not known how long the battery is and not even if one day Concept UFO be a product that hit the market. If the latter becomes a reality, there may be a drastic change until you get there.

Concept Duet and Concept Ori: New ways to think about notebooks

Dell's Concept Ori and Concept Duet are new ways to Concept Ori and Concept Duet from Dell are new ways to ?think? about a laptop. Photo: Reproduction

Two other prototypes presented by Dell were the notebooks Concept Ori and Concept Duel. The first is very reminiscent of Microsoft's Surface Neo, with a futuristic design in the form of ?origami?, the traditional Japanese art of folding paper, also coming from its name. Even without many details released, it is known that its screen is about 13 inches and has a QHD + resolution.

J o Concept Duet eliminates the keyboard from the bottom of the notebook and places a second screen occupying the entire space of the same. Each of the screens has 13.4 inches and they can be used together or separately so that the user can perform various tasks.

In addition, it is possible to use it horizontally, as two tablets and when folded in half, the Concept Duet it?s the size of a book. For those who want a more traditional experience, it is possible to attach a keyboard to the interior as well.

It is worth saying that because they are prototypes, it is not known at what stage they are in development and not even when they will reach the public.

And you? Did you like the news? Do you think that one day these concepts will reach the public? Leave your opinion in the comments!