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CES 2020: SERO is Samsung's TV for Millenials… that turns!

The Sero is presented as an option for viewing videos from Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, among others.

Social media has already made videos recorded vertically into a fever. common that nowadays people prefer to make videos with the smartphone standing to post in various applications such as the Stories of Instagram. And the display of The Sero at CES 2020, the new Smart TV from Samsung, proof once and for all that fashion has already caught on.

Made thinking mainly about Millenials, a The Sero a Smart TV capable of rotating on the axis to show content on the vertical. In practice, how to rotate the smartphone to see videos and photos in that position.

The Sero, the vertical Smart TV

The Sero the new TV that rotates in an upright positionThe Sero the new TV that rotates in an upright position

The screen 43 inches have a 4K resolution, a very interesting feature since many smartphones already have the option of filming videos in this resolution for a while, as the models themselves Samsung. In the family Galaxy S, for example, the possibility of shooting in 4K already presented since the model Galaxy S5, launched in 2014.

THE The Sero It is a great option to view photos and watch videos recorded vertically and mainly to have a more elegant and quality view of videos posted on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, as shown in CES 2020.

It has a high fixed base, with enough space for the screen to be able to rotate without the risk of hitting the table or the floor when doing so. The base also has a built-in 60 watt speaker and 4.1 channel system.

How to rotate The Sero Smart TV

With a Galaxy, when rotating the smartphone, Sero also rotatesWith a Galaxy, when rotating the smartphone, Sero also rotates

For those who use a family smartphone Galaxy, when making the connection between the smartphone and The Sero, everything I need to rotate the TV make the movement with the smartphone. That is, when rotating the Galaxy in the hand to the vertical form, the TV will do the same, imitating the positioning of the mobile device.

For those who use other brands of smartphones, such as an Apple iPhone, there is the option on the remote control, with a button that activates the rotation of the TV. It even has full support for AirPlay 2, Apple's new streaming protocol.

Who is it for?

With 43 inches, the new Smart TV that turns ideal for MillennialsWith 43 inches, the new Smart TV that turns ideal for Millennials

The Commission's proposal The Sero mainly aimed at Millenials and people who are always connected on their social networks or who like to enjoy videos recorded on their mobile devices on the biggest screens. With a size of 43 inches, it is not necessarily a choice for those looking for a top of the line experience on Smart TVs, especially in large rooms.

There is no doubt that the idea of Samsung with the The Sero not to stand out for the screen size or cutting edge features, but to present it as a Smart TV option with a difference in usability, which can draw a lot of positive attention.

Price and availability

THE Samsung has already released the video of the The Sero on her YouTube channel, but has not yet provided any details about the price or when it will be available for sales.

Recalling that, in addition to it, the company is also presenting its 8K TV without borders, one of the highlights of CES 2020 this year.