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CES 2020: Samsung announces 8K borderless TV and new MicroLED TVs

After denying the image revealing 8K TV without borders, Samsung Korea confirmed that the model will be present at CES 2020; check the details

THE Samsung appears to be ready to announce a new TV standard during the CES 2020, which takes place between January 7 and 10, in Las Vegas. Confirming an image that leaked a few days ago, and which was denied shortly thereafter, the Samsung Korea announced that his new 8K TV with visual Infinity Design (infinite design is understood as ?without borders?) to be present during the fair.

8K TV without any edge – really!

Samsung's 8K TV has a completely infinite design, that is, without borders (Reproduction: Samsung)Samsung's 8K TV has a completely infinite design, that is, without borders (Reproduction: Samsung)

So far, only one image of the 8K TV, model Q950TS, gives Samsung borderless, but the company claims it doesn?t really bring any frames, except for a small bottom border. Its thickness is only 15mm, says the manufacturer.

TV is only 15mm thick, according to Samsung (Reproduction: Samsung)TV is only 15mm thick, according to Samsung (Reproduction: Samsung)

Quantum processing with 8K upscaling

In addition to its impressive design, by the way, the interior of the TV will not be anything modest. According to Samsung, a new quantum processor based on artificial intelligence will be equipped that will provide a completely renewed experience for the user, ideal for carrying out a upscaling of content for the 8K with a lot of quality.

New quantum processor to use AI to improve 8K content and TV sound (Play: Samsung)New quantum processor to use AI to improve 8K content and TV sound (Play: Samsung)

Regarding image resources, the Samsung going to feature a feature called ?Adaptive Image?, Which provides optimized brightness and contrast in any viewing environment. Combined with QLED technology, consumers will not need to close the curtains or turn off the lights completely, even in strong sunlight, because the TV automatically recognizes the environment and adjusts the screen brightness automatically.

The company adds that the new smart TV could become a true digital butler – or assistant – that will allow connection and control with other smart devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. The novelty is that it will be possible to operate such devices even without an internet connection. In addition, there is support for traditional virtual assistants on the market, such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby.

THE 8K TV also have support for the feature Tap View, where it will be possible to pair the image of smartphones with the TV with just one touch, in addition to the possibility of performing more than one task at the same time with the device. That is, the user can watch YouTube on one side and access your calendar or Maps from the other. THE Samsung gave no more information about multitasking on TV.

8K video streaming

Samsung's 8K TV would only be 15mm thick (Reproduction: Samsung)Samsung's 8K TV would only be 15mm thick (Reproduction: Samsung)

THE Samsung confirmed that the 8K TV without borders have the feature AI ScaleNet, the company's own. O AI ScaleNet a codec that allows the delivery of 8K content on networks that normally support only 4K speeds – without the need for additional infrastructure.

As the name says, the codec uses the Deep Learning (?Deep learning?, in free translation) to minimize data loss during compression and allow 8K content to be transmitted over networks with lower bandwidth resources.

Kwangpyo Choi and Youngo Park, researchers on the Visual Technology team at Samsung Research, explain how this process works:

"The 8K content is compressed to 4K quality using an AI downscaler and transmitted to the user's TV, which uses AI to improve the content back to 8K quality."

Kwangpyo Choi and Youngo Park, researchers on the Visual Technology team at Samsung Research

O AI ScaleNet be applied, at least at first, in the application Amazon Prime Video, in collaboration with Amazon. Separately, the TV supports AV1 for 8K videos from YouTube.

Even more immersive sound

Processor use AI to optimize audio from 8K TVProcessor use AI to optimize audio from 8K TV (Play: Samsung)

The new quantum processor from Samsung also use artificial intelligence to act on the sound of 8K TV. One of the most innovative features is the OTS + (Object Tracking Sound Plus), a technology that recognizes moving objects on the video, providing a 5.1 surround effect with only the TV's speakers.

THE Samsung also introduce the new feature Q-Symphony, Who find the best sound using the TV and the soundbar speakers. This feature won the best innovation award from CES and offers 9.1.4 channels of high quality sound, richer throughout the house.

In addition, the resource AVA (Active Voice Amplifier) allows the TV to recognize ambient noise and adjust the volume of the speaker voice. With that, consumers will not have to worry about the lack of dramatic lines, even when the environment is noisy.

Artificial intelligence improves user experience

THE Samsung states that it redesigned the user interface of the Universal Guide, which helps consumers easily find the content they want. Now, by quickly recommending the content of streaming in various applications, it will be easier to choose the content you want to see.

In addition, the ?TV Plus?, that 8K TV users or other Samsung can watch for free, provide more than 120 global channels this year in various fields, such as news and movies.

8KA Certification Program

On January 3, Samsung announced a partnership with 8K Association (8KA) to establish a certification program that aims to differentiate televisions and other devices with support for 8K. TVs QLED 8K 2020 gives Samsung will be the first to be certified and marketed by 8KA with the new logo of the new certification.

We are proud to be one of the founding members of the 8K Association and to have our new line of QLED 8K TVs certified by the program. Our goal is to help consumers easily distinguish 8K premium displays from other devices when making purchase decisions. Home entertainment and TVs are important investments for many of our consumers, and we hope the 8KA certification logo will help guide them.

Hyogun Lee, executive vice president, Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics.

The 8KA Certification Program aims to distinguish televisions with four times more pixels than standard 4K models, offering sharpness, contrast, colors and high dynamic range (HDR) performance. Among the tested features are a screen resolution of 7680 x 4320, peak brightness greater than 600 nits, image transmission in HDMI2.1 and high efficiency video codec (HVEC).

TVs with MicroLED technology

The technology MicroLED gives Samsung is reaching out to the average consumer. Available for some years now in the form of the great TV The Wall, the company announced a new line of 4K TVs with technology MicroLED and several size options.

THE Samsung this year the 75 ?, 88? and 93 ?(4K) and 150? and 292 ?(8K) models are available. Some of these models are completely borderless, which makes it possible to join one or more and create a single canvas with several panels. Televisions up to 100 inches will be delivered pre-assembled like a normal television, while larger sizes will need installation.

We did a full article explaining how the MicroLED the future of display technology; check it out below:

More information at CES 2020

CES 2020 to take place between the 7th and 10th of JanuaryCES 2020 to take place between the 7th and 10th of January

There is still no demonstration of how all these new features will work in practice, such as the AI ScaleNet it's the Tap View. However, the Samsung is more than confirmed in the CES 2020 and bring more information about your new 8K TV without borders.

The company has a First Look scheduled for the 6th, at 15:00 at the time of Braslia, where it promises many news. O Showmetech be present during the meeting and bring everything first hand.

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Source: Samsung Korea Newsroom, Engadget;