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Call of Duty: Mobile: 5 tips to start the game by detonating opponents

Call of Duty: Mobile takes all console action to mobile devices with intuitive gameplay; know some tips to crush your opponents

The game franchise Call of Duty, produced by Activision, a worldwide phenomenon on the islands. And now you can enjoy the game anywhere, thanks to the smartphone version Android and iPhone, who won the The Game Awards 2019 in the category of ?Best Mobile Game?. Even if you are not an experienced player of First Person Shooters (first person shooter games, in free translation), the game has simple and intuitive commands that attract any type of audience.

Call of Duty: Mobile it offers options for customizing controls that may go unnoticed by some. Below, we have separated the best tips for you to improve your experience in the best mobile game of the year. Check out:

Minimum requirements for Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty - Changing visionCOD Mobile is a big game, so it's important to leave a spare space

The game itself is free, but it has some paid services that provide advantages such as equipment and skins. To download, just access the iPhone (App Store) or Android (Play Store) virtual store.

Call of Duty: Mobile it's a great game, compared to most titles released for smartphones. It occupies 1.6GB of space, so it is necessary to evaluate whether it is possible to even leave extra space for updates and data storage. If the device is at the limit, it is likely that the game will not run as well as it could.

Some devices have the gaming mode, which disables notifications and apps if the user starts gambling. If this is your case, don't forget to activate it, as this will help in game performance and save the processor from working on applications that are not being used.


For users of iPhones, O Call of Duty: Mobile compatible from iPhone 5S or later, with operating system from the iOS 9. You can also play it on iPad Air or later models, and 6th and 7th generation iPods Touch.


In the case of system users Android, the minimum version is 5.1 or later. As the operating system of Google used by cell phones of different companies, it is important to know that your device has at least 2GB of RAM.

Entering the game for the first time

When entering the game it is necessary to register with your profile on Facebook. This way, your profile information and advances during gambling will be saved, and can be accessed from any device with the Call of Duty: Mobile installed. If you prefer you can play as a guest, but remember that all data is lost as soon as you leave the game.

Only multiplayer is available at the beginning of Call of Duty: MobileOnly multiplayer is available at the beginning of Call of Duty: Mobile

O Call of Duty: Mobile brings three modes of gameplay: multiplayer in teams, battle royale and zombies. In the first, players are divided into teams to face the opposing team; in the other, each one by himself in a big scenario until only the winner remains; in the third mode, you face hordes of undead and monsters to survive. There is still no option to play it offline, it is necessary to be connected to the internet all the time.

At the beginning, only the team game option is available, the others are released as we level up. To release the zombie mode it is necessary to reach level 5, while the battle royale available from level 7 onwards.


In November the game received an update that allows you to use controls in the game. This makes life much easier for those unfamiliar with the touch screen, even though the mobile version of Call of Duty has been adapted for touch screens. If you have a PS4 or Xbox, just connect it to the device via bluetooth.

There are two control options to choose from: simple and advanced. In simple mode, the character will automatically shoot when aiming at the opponent. Not advanced yet, you will have more freedom to adjust everything in the best way. In the case of those who play in touch screen, the tip is to prioritize the advanced mode to achieve more practice and skill.

Call of Duty Mobile: Give preference to advanced controls for more freedomGive preference to advanced controls for more freedom

On the main screen, select settings to adjust the controls. The player can adjust, in addition to the way of playing, where each element on the screen can be. That way, you choose where each control is easier to shoot, walk and change weapons.

Movement is another important point. Practice techniques such as gliding, which improves your locomotion and prevents your character from taking too much damage. Just press the squat command while running to get faster protection.

Training and equipment

To improve the fundamental practice. So be sure to explore the scenarios, training with bots (opponents controlled by artificial intelligence). That way, you can create strategies and find perfect places to effortlessly defeat enemies. Up to level 7 all opponents are already bots, but after that it is possible to hold training matches before facing real players. Just access the menu Matchmaking to adjust this setting.

Call of Duty Mobile - equipmentSelect the most suitable weapons according to the scenario

By gaining experience in Call of Duty: Mobile, you will have access to different weapons, secondary and primary. It is also possible to adjust two quick menus with different equipment to choose from depending on which position in the team you choose to play. A sniper, for example, needs equipment that is different from those on the front lines. Do not forget to use the upgrades acquired as the game progresses, they will make your equipment even more efficient.


Call of Duty Mobile - GameplayGlide the best way to avoid being hit during an escape

Staying hidden isn't a good idea either multiplayer, because the enemy team can easily find you by the red highlight around the character. Just as a UAV missile can tell you off easily, blasting your soldier without difficulty. The way is to always keep moving, so that you are not caught off guard by opponents.

Vary the fundamental weapons. Pistols are faster to reload, which can be a crucial point in a direct confrontation, but avoid the silencer as it reduces the range. The grenade is another very useful tool, look for a high place where you can throw it in the enemy's path to catch them by surprise. Or throw one at the spot where a sniper is hiding, much simpler than trying to get there without being hit.

Finally, don't forget to enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile with headphones. They are essential for a better perception of the scenario and to hear where the noise of gunshots and footsteps comes from. In this way it is possible to alert teammates about any danger lurking.

Did you like the tips? Do not forget to leave your comment about what you think of the game so far.