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Byte: the app that wants to compete with TikTok is gaining popularity in Portugal

TikTok has been a "phenomenon" of popularity in recent times, but there is a new application that comes to compete with the app and that seems to be gaining ground. It is called byte and is in the first position in the trends of the Google Play Store, while in the App Store it takes the ninth place in the top of social networks. In the United States, the application has also gained popularity.

The desire to launch an application similar to Vine had already been a guarantee left by the co-founder of the application itself in 2017, Dom Hofmann. With the initial launch scheduled for 2019, the application was only launched this Friday on the Google Play Store and the App Store, including in Portugal.

Offering to bring the videos back in a six-second loop, the byte allows you to transfer videos from the camera or, if you prefer, to record them directly in the app itself. After calling on users to participate in a forum where they can leave their comments regarding the application, or in their own virtual stores, Dom Hofmann assured in a publication this Sunday that there are some problems that will be solved soon, namely in relation to spam and some type of comments published in the byte.

The national trend is similar to that of the United States. According to Randy Nelson, in an interview with Bloomberg, the app has been quite popular on the App Store, taking first place on the top of free apps on Friday, and still remaining on top. In the Google Play Store, the byte already has more than 100,000 downloads.