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BreatheLife: the stories of a campaign for cleaner air

It is not only in large cities, nor in countries like India and China, that air quality is becoming a serious threat to health. Pollution affects almost everyone on the planet, and according to the World Health Organization, only 1 in 10 people in the world breathe safe air.

The BreatheLife2030 campaign was created to boost a movement for change, bringing together countries, cities and regions in the same network committed to improving air quality and developing sustainable solutions, while involving the populations to also contribute to this goal.

The network already includes 76 cities, regions and countries, reaching 295 million citizens, and although no Portuguese city has yet integrated the initiative, it is worthwhile to see the stories of what is being done in various regions of the world, and to monitor changes .

TheBreatheLife2030 website also has several resources on how we can contribute as individuals, and help mobilize the authorities to ensure cleaner air for everyone.