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Bluetooth Speaker? Better to buy a Soundbar

Choosing a soundbar, instead of a bluetooth speaker, can result in more power, versatility and sound quality. Check out.

common sense to opt for a home theater when looking for the best sound for the TV room.Porm, depending on the size of the room and the difficulty of correctly positioning a 5.1 sound system or 7.1, the sound quality may be far from what is expected from this type of device.

In the case of small rooms and environments, it may be more interesting to choose a soundbar. We already commented on these and other advantages here on Showmetech, in the post "Soundbar, is it worth buying one?".

But, did you know that soundbar can also replace the popular ones bluetooth speakers? The advantages are in the power, versatility of connections and multifunctionality. Check out:


Soundbar vs Bluetooth Speaker

Sound quality

very true that the bluetooth speakers they are more portable and easier to transport, fitting in almost any situation in the environment. However, due to this portability comes the cost of sound quality and power. Small, portable boxes need to compact internal devices and, for this reason, are often less powerful.

Atsoundbars, although not so portable, more interesting ranges of bass and treble sounds are sold in audio 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and at 7.1 unified speakers (the number on the left always indicates the number of speakers present in the kit, while the one on the right represents the subwoofer). And, let's face it, since they do not need wires and connections (in addition to the power connection), to transport them from one environment to another, there is not much work.

maxresdefault 7 - SoundBar: is it worth buying one?Yamaha YSP-3300: a 7.1 channel soundbar

THE YSP-3300 Soundbar gives Yamaha surprises by the power of specifications. She has 7.1 channels with 16 speakers and two woofers, plus a wireless subwoofer. The total output power of 262W.

Easy connection

<img class = "wp-image-182657 size-large” alt=”soundbar-lg” width=”720″ height=”483″ data-lazy- title=”Bluetooth Speaker? Better to buy a Soundbar 13″ src=”×483.jpg”/>Bluetooth, P2, HDMI and Optical input are some of the options available for you to connect your devices.

Furthermore, thesoundbars have several connection options such asP2(the same present on your smartphone), Bluetooth, optical cableand up to the standardHDMI.

Some models facilitate pairing devices such as smartphones and tablets, making the process even more practical (read about TV Sound Connect and Sound Sync Wireless here) and free of wires. the model case SH5 Soundbar gives LG, seen below:

LG Soundbar SH5 - SoundBar: is it worth buying one?LG Soundbar SH5 with Sound Sync Wireless, for easy pairing.

Models available on the market

HW-M4501 one of the most beautiful models for sale in Brazil.

There are several models of soundbars in the market. For example, in 2017 theSamsung brought to Brazil three new options for soundbars aimed at those users who want a balance between sound and portability:K 450, K 360 and M 4501.

We evaluate the model M 4501, in the post below:

Review: Samsung Curved Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer M 4501

These three soundbars they have 2.1 channels, that is, stereo sound and, in addition to serving as the primary sound source of the TV, it is possible to reproduce the music on your smartphone through the P2 or Bluetooth connection.

Powers vary according to the model. THE K450 has 300W RMS, the K360 delivers 130W RMS and M4501, which more daring, with a curvature in the bar, offers 260W. The most popular bluetooth speakers on the market offer less than 100W of power.

The integration of soundbars with the TVs Samsung deliver even more practicality to the user, since it is possible to use the TV's own remote control to control the soundbars, even allowing to change the equipment's settings.

Interesting options for the international market

Not necessarily carrying the same traditional format as other soundbars, in the international market the consumer has the option of acquiring the Google Home Max and Apple Home Pod.

In the case of the Google, launched in October last year, it has a beautiful design, which can be easily integrated into decoration, high power and smart features, due to integration with the Google Assistant. The box accepts, for example,voice commands to start or stop playback.

In the American market the Google Home Max sold by$ 399.

The direct competitor to the Google O Apple Home Pod. Launched this year, the Cupertino giant's speaker has a cylindrical shape and, like its competitor's model, it has a personal assistant, which in this case Crab. However, international reviews point out that the experience with Apple's personal assistant is not so good. J the highlight of the Home Pod compared to other models similar to its sound quality!

O Apple Home Pod sold for $ 350.


If, when comparing specifications, the soundbars they are almost unbeatable, perhaps your Achilles' heel is defined by two points: price and portability. Whoever chooses them, will be looking for models that cost between R $ 700.00 and R $ 1,400.00 (or more, in even more powerful models), and seeking to install them in environments where moving is not so necessary.

If these two issues are not the problem, the rest will profit: the models usually have a beautiful design, and plenty of power to reproduce quality music, movies, series and other content.