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Become a cybersecurity "ace" with Cyber ​​Aces online courses

In a world in which cybercriminals are always looking for increasingly sophisticated ways to carry out their attacks, it is necessary to be aware of the latest trends in computer security to prevent potential catastrophes. Being a true expert in the field is something that requires a lot of training, however, knowing the b – b of cybersecurity can prove to be particularly useful.

Cyber ??Aces is an initiative created by the SANS Institute, an American company specialized in training and certification in cybersecurity. The project offers a series of free online courses that aim not only to teach participants the fundamental elements of computer security, but also to help them pursue a possible career in the field.

Cyber ??Aces courses are regularly updated in order to keep participants up to date with changes in the technological world. In all, online lessons focus on helping users ensure computer security in three key areas: operating systems, networks and administrative systems. Throughout each module, it is possible to find informative materials, exercises and also video tutorials taught by Tim Medin, one of the SANS instructors.

Users who aspire to become cybersecurity aces can now start training on the Cyber ??Aces website. Aspiring specialists who are at a more intermediate level can also consult the library of online courses in computer security provided by SANS.