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Apple's special online store offers 10% discount to US military and veterans

Apple offers, in almost every country in the world where it maintains its own retail operations, a special store with discounts for professors and university students Macs and iPads, for example, can be purchased with a 10% reduction in their list prices. Now, Ma is doing something similar in the USA with another type of public: military and veterans of your homeland.

The new online store for military and veterans also offers a 10% discount on the company's products, but in this case, there are no catalog limitations. Apparently, * all * products sold by Apple are on sale with the discount in the price. With that, we have for l iPhones XR from $ 675, iPhones XS from $ 900 and Apple Watches Series 4 from $ 360.

Apple online store with discount for US military and veterans

To enjoy discounts, a person must be registered with the US Military and Veterans Purchasing Program; direct relatives of the beneficiaries, who live in the same residence, can also shop at Ma's special store.

It is good to note that there is a purchase limit: only three items from each main line per year (ie you can only buy a maximum of three iPhones, three iPads, three Macs and so on), an Apple Watch Herms and 10 iPods touch or accessories, such as Beats headphones. Products must be purchased for personal use, without immediate resale.

Apple already offered discounts to military and veterans in the US, but only in their physical stores; now, with the online space dedicated to this audience, things are much easier.

via MacRumors