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Apple tracker will allow you to locate lost or stolen objects

Apple would be preparing tracker accessory to help users find lost objects using iPhone

An investigation on the MacRumors website identified references to a item tracker that would be being developed by Apple to assist users in finding lost or possibly stolen objects.

Image of Apple's Bluetooth tracker found on iOS 13Image of Apple's Bluetooth tracker found on iOS 13

The discovery was made by the website in an internal version (not yet publicly distributed by Apple) of the new version of the iPhone's operating system, iOS 13, which should be officially released by the company in September, shortly after the announcement of the new iPhones on the day 10/9.

Object tracker uses Bluetooth

The accessory is round, white and has the Apple logo in the center. similar n tags Bluetooth sold by other manufacturers and can be attached to virtually any object, such as keys, wallets, bags, backpacks and even bicycles to allow the location of these items if the owner loses sight of them.

The item tracker can be attached to various objects, such as keys, suitcases and bicyclesThe item tracker can be attached to various objects, such as keys, suitcases and bicycles

The leak indicates that Apple's tracker will use round removable batteries, similar to those used in watches and other small electronics.

Search application

In the source code of iOS 13, messages were found that indicate how the accessory integrates with the application Search (which in the new system unifies the Find My iPhone and ?Search Friends? apps and was renamed ?Find My?In English).

A new tab called "Items" will be displayed in the Search – next to the People and Devices tabs – and it will list the personal objects to which the tracker was attached. As with the other tabs, objects are likely to be displayed on a map.

The location of tracked items will be done by the new search applicationThe location of tracked items will be done by the new search application

When the user is removed from one of the items scanned, receive a notification on the iPhone and be able to activate a button so that the accessory emits an audible alert, facilitating the location of the object.

If the user does not wish to be constantly notified, he can define specific places considered safe. In these places, even if the object is removed from the owner, the alert will not be issued automatically.

If in fact the item has been lost or stolen, the owner can use the Find app to place it in Lost mode. This mode allows other users of iPhones to contact the owner of the object via phone or message, if they find it.

Augmented Reality

Another curious feature found by MacRumors in the iOS 13 source code concerns augmented reality artifacts, such as colored balloons that Apple can use to indicate the whereabouts of objects attached to the tracker.

The tracker uses augmented reality to help the owner locate lost objectsThe tracker uses augmented reality to help the owner locate lost objects

For example: imagine that a user has lost the keys somewhere in the house and the key ring has the tracker attached. To locate them, the user will be able to open the augmented reality mode and with the cell phone camera in hand, look for a flashy red balloon, which is much simpler to find than the tiny keys.

Price and availability

The version of iOS 13 analyzed by MacRumors and where the information above was obtained dates from the month of June of that year, so it is not known how the development of the tracker is and what features will in fact be included in the official version of the system.

However, it is likely that Apple will use the event to unveil the new iPhones 11 next week to announce the name, availability and price of the accessory. The main brand of this segment in the United States is called Tile and it costs from 25 dollars a unit (R $ 103.61) to 140 dollars (R $ 580.23) in a package with 8 trackers.

Given the history of Apple, it would not be a surprise if the price charged by the company is higher than that of the competition.