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Apple starts selling its transparent case for the iPhone XR

We had already announced the news on our Instagram no less than three months ago, on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone XR and now she?s finally among us: Apple officially started selling the transparent cover for your newest colorful smartphone.

The accessory is already sold at several Apple online stores around the world, including the Brazilian one; around here, it costs R $ 350 and start shipping to the first buyers in two or three weeks (in the American store, on the other hand, shipping in a business day).

Apple describes the case as a creation designed to showcase the beauty of the iPhone XR and its colors and claims that it has a scratch-resistant coating (which will have to be tested to be proven effective, of course). The accessory made with a fuse of ?polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials?, that is, at least on paper, is not very different from the covers we bought for R $ 340 less on camels (we only need to see if it is yellow and ugly in the same way with the time).

Like any relatively thin case, the transparent case for the iPhone XR does not prevent wireless charging of the device. It has that famous ?bottomless? design, that is, the bottom of the device is uncovered, which facilitates access to the Lightning door and does not hinder the gestures that are the basis of the operation of the new iPhone.

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Price view: from R $ 4,679.10Installed price: in at 12x R $ 433.25Colors: red, yellow, white, coral, black and blueCapabilities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GBRelease: September 2018

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