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Apple starts selling 18W iPad Pro charger separately

It seems that Apple has set aside today to sell all the products and accessories that it still had to make available in the year (good almost all). After the new MacBooks Air and Macs mini and the transparent cover for iPhones XR, Ma started selling the 18W USB-C wall charger so far, it could only be obtained when purchasing one of the new iPad Pro.

Apple 18W USB-C charger

The news is significant because, at the moment, this is the most affordable Apple wall charger that offers fast recharging for iPhones since MacBook (Air / Pro) chargers are much more expensive; for this, however, you will need to invest in a USB-C cable for Lightning (whose MFi versions are expected to arrive in early 2019), since the charger does not come with any type of cable.

Apple 18W USB-C charger

Apple notes that the charger is compatible with any device that can be charged via USB-C, but its performance is optimized for charging the new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The accessory is already on sale at Apple online stores around the world, each with its own regional plug; in Brazil, it costs R $ 220 and there are plans to send it in two or three weeks.