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Apple is the target of collective action for promotion with gift cards on Black Friday

THE sexta-feira Negra it was a worldwide success and even provided impressive records for the App Store, but it is giving at least one headache to Apple's legal department.

As you probably know, shares of sexta-feira Negra Apple (which hasn?t happened in Brazil since 2014, good to note) works as follows: the company places special pages on its online store and app, displaying selected products at discounted discounts which are, in fact, Gift Cards that you receive at the time of purchase and can use in another order later in the Apple Store.

Apple Black Friday

These promotions, however, do not cover all products generally, launches or cheaper items are left out. In the US, for example, Apple offered the previous generation MacBook Air with a $ 200 bonus and the iPhones 7 and 8 with a $ 50 bonus; newer products, such as the iPhones XS / XR and MacBook Air Retina, were not covered.

It was on this basis that a collective action, registered with the Northern California District Court, accused Apple of deceive consumers and attract them to buy more expensive products.

One of the creators of ao says that Ma was led to error when buying a MacBook Air online; at the time, a banner at the top of the purchase page said ?win a Gift Card $ 200 to purchase selected Mac models. ? The woman then assumed that the warning was valid for all the models she was looking at and closed the purchase of a MacBook Air Retina that, as we said, was not participating in the promotion.

The action text states that Apple ?hid? the real conditions of the promotion in small letters at the bottom of the page, and tries to fit Ma into a series of American or Californian laws related to deceptive advertising, unfair competition and fraud.

Action does not establish a damage amount to be paid, but requires that all consumers who have purchased a product not covered by the promotion of sexta-feira Negra on the day of the event are duly compensated. Let's see where it goes

via AppleInsider