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Apple gets the green light from the FCC to produce a… sleep monitor?

If you remember, a year and a half ago Apple bought the Beddit, a sleep monitoring company that produced a device designed to be placed under your mattress and, with a series of sensors, recorded your nocturnal behavior on an app platform for monitoring your priests.

Just over a year later, Ma shut down the company's cloud services, signaling that its plans for the technologies acquired were elsewhere (the Apple Watch, for example). Now, a curious record gives us the clues to a contrary movement.

Documents from the Federal Communications Commission, the US telecommunications regulatory agency, indicate approval of a "sleep monitor" to be sold by Apple in the unspecified future. There is no more information about this device or how it would work, but the record says that it is ?designed by Beddit in California?, that is, we are talking about something at least similar to the monitors sold by the company bought by Ma.

To those who don't remember, this was the third version of Beddit's sleep monitor, the last one sold by the company:

Misfit Beddit

The FCC documents indicate that the new device has version number 3.5, so we are not talking about a significant change from what we see above. It remains to be seen how Apple will incorporate the product into its rich ecosystem. It is easy to imagine a monitor that easily integrates with the Apple Watch or iPhone; It is difficult to think of a marketing strategy for yet another accessory when Ma's own watch is already equipped with a lot of sensors that allow the user's sleep to be monitored.

We'll see what comes out of this whole story

via 9to5Mac