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Apple Business Manager launches in the U.S. and will be available in 65 countries by the end of September

In March, Apple announced that it would launch a new device control platform for business users. O Apple Business Manager it would be for companies what Apple School Manager for Schools is a way for these businesses to control the gadgets distributed among employees and executives, downloading updates, sending applications or distributing notices.

Since its announcement, the software was in beta for selected partners; now, it is finally reaching its final form.

In a session at WWDC18, Ma immediately announced the arrival of the Business Manager to the United States. On the 20th, the platform will be expanded to 34 more countries and, until the end of the summer in the northern hemisphere (ie, the end of September), it will reach 31 more territories, which include countries like Argentina, Chile and Colombia (but not Brazil), you will also receive the Apple School Manager.

Apple has placed on its website a page instructing how users and companies using its current device control platforms, such as the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), should proceed if they want to upgrade to the new Business Manager.

via 9to5Mac