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Android wins gesture research [atualizado]

Through a new application, made available on Google Labs, users of cell phones with Android operating system can now do searches through simple gestures.

In the example given by Google, the user who wants to locate, in their contact list, one with the name Anne, must first draw the letter on the mobile screen THE.

Automatically, the application will search your contact list, searching for any and all people who have the letter drawn. If THE, designed by the user, looks like a H, for example, the system includes in the list all contacts that have THE or H in their names.

But, if you type a wrong letter, or the application mistakenly understands your gesture accurately, you can erase the last character drawn by swiping the screen, from right to left, or erase the entire query, swiping the left finger to the right.

In addition to facilitating the search for contacts, the new application learns, with its research history, what is most important to you. So, the next time you start your search with THE, Anne be placed at the top of the results.

The program can be downloaded directly from the Android Market and is available for Android version 2.0 or higher. In addition to allowing a contact to be found, the application also searches among installed applications, bookmarks or music tracks.