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AirPlay 2 will hit Sonos speakers in July

O AirPlay 2 it was announced a year ago and it was only at the end of last month that Apple made it available, along with iOS 11.4. Now HomePod can take advantage of the features brought by the new version of the streaming, however, it is not only Ma who can take advantage of her protocol.

During an event that took place yesterday (6/6) in San Francisco (California, United States), the Only U.S announced some news and took the opportunity to reiterate that AirPlay 2 actually reaches your speakers as he had promised. The news that this will happen next month, in July.

Sonos product family

With AirPlay 2, you can play one audio in several different speakers at the same time or a different audio in each speaker.

Until then, only HomePod and Apple TV had support for the protocol, however, starting next month, the following Sonos speakers will also support it: Sonos One, the second generation of Play: 5, O Playbase and basically all future branded products. However, if you have older Sonos boxes, they will work with AirPlay 2 once paired with any of the company's latest options.

To control Sonos devices, the user talks to Alexa (and, in the future, also with Google Assistant) and, even if he is playing something with AirPlay 2, he can ask an Amazon assistant to pause the music, go back to the previous song and type actions. The good news is that, if the boxes are connected to an iPhone, it will also be allowed to place Siri orders and have the answer in Sonos boxes.

In addition to this good news, the company announced at its event Sonos Beam, which is a compact and intelligent sound bar designed for TV, but which also supports AirPlay 2 and Siri. It cost $ 400 in the USA.

With this company kick, we will possibly see many other speakers updating their systems to also support Apple's new protocol. That is our hope, at least.

via CNET