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150 experts from various fields talk about digital transformation

Did television die? may have been the question that served as a motto for the creation of the Where, When and How I Want (OQCQ), a project of the agency Compressed to the genre websie, in which personalities and specialists of the Portuguese panorama share visions and experiences about internet and technology and, above all, how digital has transformed the various areas of society and consumer habits.

Among the interviewees there are politicians, marketers, advertisers, journalists, influencers or comedians, such as Pedro Miguel Soares, Paulo Salvador, Nuno Santos, Mariana Cabral (Bumba na Fofinha), Diogo Batguas or Edson Athaide.

In all, so far only 150 websie participants have spoken about topics such as the future of education, democracy, journalism and marketing, influenced by technology.

The interviews are all gathered from the website, also counting on a YouTube channel.

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