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You can now see the Milky Way and the starry sky in Google Earth for smartphones

Previously, the version of Google Earth Pro for the computer browser was richer in detail, when moving away from the blue planet chamber to show the starry sky. This update has now reached mobile devices, allowing users to zoom out and see the stars, the Milky Way and other details of space as the background of the planet as a backdrop.

The new images were captured by the European Southern Observatory, which now replace black backgrounds, animated with some meteorological changes.

tek Google Earth

There are other novelties in the application, namely the Voyager feature, which allows users to discover places around the world based on Nature, Travel and Education. This mode works as a kind of hub of events around the planet, also allowing users to choose a random location through the option I'm feeling lucky. When choosing a destination, the location contains cards with useful information, with local references.

You can download or update the application in iOS and Android versions.