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WOW Promotion: Nubank publishes lucky numbers to compete for R $ 500 thousand

Promotion WOW: Nubank announces lucky numbers to compete for R $ 500 thousand

Attention! Comes a prize. And not just any prize, a super gift for this early 2020. The This week Nubank will raffle 10 prizes of R $ 50,000.00. that's right, no prank! The famous campaign #reinventeEssaPromo do roxinho, who won out on social networks, wants to reinvent the way of giving gifts to the brand's customers. For this, fintech will raffle 10 prizes of R $ 50,000.00 on February 1st.

The campaign started on November 21 and ended participation on December 31, 2019. To compete for the prizes, the user must enable participation in the promo through the application (emails were sent to customers informing about the campaign).

Nubank to raffle R $ 500 thousand to users of the RoxinhoNubank to raffle R $ 500 thousand to users of the Roxinho

Nubank will give 10 prizes of R $ 50 thousand

During the promotion period (11/21 to 12/31), each purchase made with the card in the credit or debit function was worth 1 lucky number. Contactless purchases were worth double, 2 lucky numbers. The users of the Roxinho who validated the promotion began to receive the numbers as of Wednesday, January 29.

Promotion WOW Nubank sends lucky numbersPromotion WOW Nubank sends lucky numbers

If you used the card during this period, but did not receive the email with your numbers, you probably forgot to enable participation in the app (cry). The Promotion is authorized by SECAP of the Ministry of Economy with Certificate of Authorization No. 04.006348 / 2019.

How to be the Nubank R $ 50,000 Prize Draw

According to the company's advisory, the lucky numbers are formed by eight digits (ex: 123 / 45,678). Thus, there will be a combination of numbers based on the draw to be held by the Federal Lottery on February 1, 2020 (or the next day, if there is no draw on the date).

The first three digits will be the combination of the house from the ten of the first to the third prize of the federal lottery and the last five digits will be the last number of the first to the fifth prize of the federal lottery.

How to be the Nubank R $ 50,000 Prize DrawHow to be the Nubank R $ 50,000 Prize Draw

The other 9 winners will be the next nine numbers in the sequence. In the example above, they would be: 621 / 81.396, 621 / 81.397, 621 / 81.398, 621 / 81.399, 621 / 81.400, 621 / 81.401, 621 / 81.402, 621 / 81.403, 621 / 81.404.

Are you participating but will not be able to check your numbers? don't worry. Nubank will notify you by email or phone registered in your app until February 29th. So, keep your data UPDATED.

What WOW Nubank

Nubank WOWs are created whenever there is an engagement and interaction between the brand and the user. a way to mark the moment. Several Nubank WOWs have already gone viral on the internet: the purple sandwich maker for the customer who had trouble buying a sandwich at dawn and the case of Belinha, the little dog who ate his owner's card and won a Nubank toy, are the most popular examples famous.

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