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Why you should buy a Raspberry Pi 4 and what it can do for you

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In the UK there is a non-profit organization called the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This company emerged from the meeting of a group of people who wanted the "children" to do something more on the computer than to browse Facebook and make this accessible to almost everyone.

It may seem that the Raspberry, currently in its fourth generation, is a toy so small and simple. However, it is a "complete" computer, with several outputs and inputs, allowing the connection, for example, of a 4K monitor, a keyboard, a micro SD card for storage of the operating system and an external HD or SSD. The low cost mini PC also has a Broadcom BCM2711 processor, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz, up to 4GB of RAM memory LPDDR4-3200, dual band for wireless internet, Bluetooth 5.0, port gigabit ethernet, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 micro-HDMI outputs, one USB-C output for circuit board power, and much more!

A desktop computer for only $ 35

Raspberry Pi 4 being used as a desktop PC. Source: raspberrypi.orgRaspberry Pi 4 being used as a desktop PC. Source:

Most people use the desktop computer for simple tasks that do not require a lot of processing power. To browse the internet, buy something online, use social networks, watch movies and series, these are things that the Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of easily doing.

The Raspberry Pi 4 may have hardware similar to that of a smartphone, however, when we look at the software, things change. Your phone can use Android or iOS, however, the Raspberry is capable of running the Linux operating system and even Windows 10. That is, it is possible to install the same programs that a common desktop has, for example, browsers, programs photo and video editing, Microsoft Office, among others.

The only thing needed to turn it into a computer, a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor.

Low-cost media center with music streaming and video

Raspberry Pi 4 + Allos DigiOne audio card in an acrylic case. Source: darko.audioRaspberry Pi 4 + Allos DigiOne audio card in an acrylic case. Source:

Because the Raspberry Pi 4 is very small and silent (there is no need to use a cooler / fan), it is possible to use an external hard drive (or SSD) to store music and videos via USB ports. In addition, as it has a gigabit ethernet port, it is possible to connect it on the internet or your internal computer network to play both music and movies via streaming by installing programs such as Spotify, Netflix, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, etc.

Note: So that the Raspberry Pi 4 does not reach very high temperatures, it is recommended for audio to use it with a heatsink and for video a heatsink together with a small cooler.

To control the Raspberry without the need for a keyboard or a mouse, it is possible to install programs such as Volumio, OSMC and Plex, to give commands via your smartphone or tablet.

Console capable of running several games for a low price

The Raspberry 4 is often more powerful than old video games like SNES (Super Nintendo), that is, it is possible to install an emulation program (RetroPie) and even use the original game image (ROM) on a pendrive, micro SD card or external hard drive.

Having installed the program, you will be able to use the Raspberry ports to connect various wired and even wireless controls, in addition to being able to play a game from a retro console through an HDMI port connected to a TV up to 4K.

Internet of Things (Internet of Things or IoT)

The Raspberry Pi is able to control other devices in your home with ease through its standard pins and outlets. It is possible to find accessories such as, for example, infrared cameras and weather stations that are already prepared to work with the Raspberry. There are also people who use it, for example, to control water parameters and aquarium lighting, to control house lights, among other tasks.


The Raspberry Pi 4 can be used for many different tasks and all at a very low cost. It may be hard to believe due to its price, size, low energy consumption and does not require an active cooling system, but it is worth trying to use it because it is so cheap and useful for many.

Source: Androidcentral

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