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Tim Cook on ECG: "Improving user health is Apple's greatest contribution to humanity"

O watchOS 5.1.2 he is already among us and, with him, the long awaited electrocardiogram (ECG) on the Apple Watch Series 4 this is for US users (or whoever bought the watch there). To mark the news, the CEO Tim Cook and the COO Jeff Williams granted a revised interview TEAM talking about the challenges and benefits of the new Watch feature.

Cook is not at all modest with regard to novelty and the health initiatives in general promoted by Apple in its products from a few years to now. According to the CEO, ?Apple's greatest contribution to humanity will be in improving people's health and well-being? is an indication that the company's plans in the area are just beginning.

Williams, meanwhile, said that Apple's success in health has a simple explanation for its gigantic user base.

We have tens of millions of watches on people's wrists and hundreds of millions of phones in their pockets. There is a huge opportunity to empower people with more information about their health. So this is something that we see not only as an opportunity, but as our responsibility.

The matter of TEAM also outlines a timeline of Apple?s health initiatives, starting with the Sade app (Health), launched in 2014 (three years after Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer, as the article recalls), following with the Apple Watch sensors and the cardiac study launched by the company in 2017 in partnership with Stanford University, reaching one of its most important points now, with the launch of the ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Williams recalled that the watch feature is not intended to completely replace a normal electrocardiogram exam, but to complement it; despite this, he stated that the FDA (the American equivalent of our Anvisa) was ?very strict, as it should be? in tests with the resource.

These new cardiac monitoring innovations will change lives another example of how humanity can shape technology for good. We believe that our work to help people take better care of their health will be among Apple's biggest contributions.

good to note that the interview TEAM it wasn't Williams's only: the executive appeared on television this morning CBS This Morning next to Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple's vice president of health who came from Stanford medical school and currently coordinates Apple Watch area projects including the ECG.

In the report shown by the journalist, Williams said that yes, the Apple Watch may present some false positives among the suspicions of atrial fibrillation displayed to its users; this scenario, however, is much better than the alternative in which other millions of people could continue with this problem (which can lead to more serious things, such as a heart attack or stroke) without even a suspicion that it was happening.

The full video of the report can be watched below:

Who has tested the ECG on the Apple Watch around? Opinions?

via 9to5Mac