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The Xiaomi Amazfit could be your future Smartwatch!

Smartwatchs are still controversial products on the market, the public is very divided in relation to the real advantage of having a device of this type. Today you will learn more about one of Xiaomi's products for this segment, the AMAZFIT.

First of all, I would like to thank store TOMTOP for having given the Smartwatch for this review, without them this content would not be possible.

I have been using AMAZFIT for about a week and a half before making the final script for analyzing the product. As the days went by I was able to identify strengths and weaknesses that will be commented on later in the text, however, before touching on these points, let's go to a general presentation of the product.

Meet the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT


HARDWARE: Speaking a little of the watch itself, it certainly has one of the best constructions that I have ever been able to use, it's okay that I didn't have many Smartwatches until today, but I was able to play around with some models, when you buy an AMAZFIT you will have :

– A watch with ceramic body; – 1.34 "touch screen; – 512 MB of RAM; – 4GB of internal storage; – 280 mAh battery; – Attachable USB charger – BlueTooh 4.0; – Wifi; – Cardiac monitor; – Rubberized and resistant bracelet. Xiaomi Amazfit

Added to this, the AMAZFIT weighs just 55 grams and has a great viewfinder, which allows wide viewing angles, allowing you to view the content on the screen even in bright light or in dark places.

SOFTWARE: We have a differential here too (and the biggest factor of positive and negative points), it has its own operating system, from what I saw through comments on the internet, it would be a modified Android, but anyway, it is different from the experience you usually have on Android Smartwatchs, since you do not have access to Google Play Store and other common Android features. On the other hand, this leaner system gives AMAZFIT a long battery life.

Xiaomi Amazfit Review

The system also loads several pre-installed useful applications, especially for people who want to create and accurately regulate their physical exercises, in addition, it is possible to install an application on the mobile phone, where you can pair your Smartphone with the Smartwatch and have access to extra analysis and customization functions.

Before we move on to the pros and cons, stay with the full video review:



The thing that impressed me most about AMAZFIT was the drums. In my traditional use, the battery lasted exactly one week on a full charge, in the second week (which I did not mention in the video above), the charge lasted practically a week and a half, making less use of it. So I can say that I am very satisfied in this regard.

According to Xiaomi, people who use AMAZFIT with greater intensity should be able to get around 5 days of charge, which is great, since many Smartwatches can barely handle an entire day.

Much of this battery conservation comes from the operational system adjusted specifically for AMAZFIT. It's simple, compact and does what it has to do. The intuitive and simple to use interface. It has a reasonable personalization, exchange Watchfaces something really simple, both by Smartwatch and by the application on the Smartphone.

Accompanying the operating system, we have a wide variety of training apps to regulate your physical exercises. O cardiac meter it has the functionality to assess whether your heart rate is adequate according to health standards and your current state, including questions about your mood at the time of measurement to help with data collection.

O self-adjusting screen brightnesshowever, you can change it to manual mode. The brightness sensor works incredibly well, as I said earlier, there is not a moment when you look at the screen you cannot see the time or information perfectly, like the notifications on your Smartphone. Another nice thing that the system warns you when you should take a break his activities and stretching his legs a little because he sat for a long time; as i work a lot in this position, i found the resource very useful.

Speaking of the body of the Smartwatch, among the positive points we can point to a design cleanIt is aesthetically pleasing, an impeccable finish, a canvas with excellent viewing angles (as already mentioned) and a beautiful and resistant bracelet, which can also be replaced by another one of your taste without too many problems.

Negative points:

Negative points about Amazfit

Every product has its cons. For some people the details that I'm going to comment on here can't necessarily be considered against, but let's go.

despite the operational system to be very functional, it has a detail for the Brazilian public, being completely in English, both the App and the Smartwatch system itself. I heard that the Brazilian Xiaomi community has already created alternative ROMs and Apps translated for AMAZFIT, but as I have to evaluate what comes inside the box, this is what we have. Besides, not every end user will bother to do this, if they have the knowledge and patience to do so.

Another point that falls on the operating system is not Android, or rather, it will be, but it will not be a "traditional Android". Without the Google Play Store you are unable to add applications so that you can extend the functions that the watch has, limiting you to what it delivers to you out of the box. Once again, the Brazilian Xiaomi community has already managed to show how you can install APKs on it (the Android Apps packages), apparently using ADB, a common feature among developers, but again, something that escapes of the wing of the common user, therefore, one against from my point of view.

The operating system is really my biggest target of criticism here, about the device, I really have nothing to add to the cons, maybe 1 GB of RAM was not a bad idea, but since you (theoretically) will not install Apps, this becomes unnecessary . Among the things you can't do on it natively without giving it that basic "hacked" are:

Inability to interact with notifications, you can only preview the messages;

– Without the possibility to add new Apps natively, you will not have things like a full calendar, one application to control water intake (although with creativity you can get around this without problems, using an App on the Smartphone or programming the alarm clock that comes in AMAZFIT);

Without flashlight;

– Impossibility of control the Smartphone's music through it.

The latter is a caveat. The idea is that you put the music in his internal storage and use Bluetooth headphones, so you can go out to walk without taking your cell phone, right? Right. However I would still find it useful to be able to pair it with the Smartphone and control the music on it, since I do not have access to Spotify through Smartwatch or even, to control the home sound via Bluetooth too, that would be very cool, but it does not allow it.

The internal storage, which has 4GB partially filled with the operating system, leaving about 2.56GB left for you to put music on, which should be enough to put more than 150 high quality songs.


Especially in the "cons" part, I notice that the points I pointed out vary a lot according to what each consumer expects from a Smartwatch, or from AMAZFIT, more specifically. So feel free to put your point of view in the comments, OK?

In addition, a great Smartwatch. I, who was never a big fan of this type of technology, didn?t take him off his wrist anymore and I?m really enjoying it, I learned to deal with the limitations that he offers me too and now I?m used to it.

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