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The global version of Black Desert Mobile is now available in …

More than a year has passed since it was launched in Asian territories Black Desert Mobile, the mobile device adaptation of the famous MMORPG from the Pearl Abyss stadium, which until now was only available in Korean. After a long wait, the international version of the game finally has an official release date, the next December 12th, but we have fantastic news for those who can't wait until then: the title's Soft-launch has been available since today for various territories.

This preliminary version of the game was officially launched in Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland and Australia, but it is possible to play through any VPN service that allows you to mask the connection as if you were in the countries mentioned. With free services like Melon VPN the game runs perfectly, but if you play extensively it is better to use a paid service. Regardless of the system we use to access, all the progress we make will be maintained for the final launch. The game's APK occupies a mere 80MB, but after starting to install no less than 2.65GB on our device.

Even though several MMORPGs arrive daily, Black Desert is not just another one. J in its Asian launch managed to accumulate 4 million pre-registrations and was played by more than 10 million gamers. Bearing in mind that until now it was only in Korean, we can say that these are incredible figures. Furthermore, for the Western pre-registration, 2 million restless souls were added, another giant number to take into account that there are still two months to go before the global launch.

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And why is Black Desert Mobile expected? Visually, it is certainly one of the cutting edge games thanks to its proprietary 3D engine that leaves nothing to be desired in relation to any PC or console title, but as an MMO it is also positioned as one of the best massive multiplayer oriental games as we can see in PC version, which is currently among the 25 Steam games with the most active players.