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The best uses of Spotify on Android

Applications for listening to music are multiplying, but those who continue to dominate the Spotify market. If you are a paid version user, you can access features that are prohibited for free option users, but you may not be making the most of your subscription that has been paying. Today we have collected the best tricks for Spotify.

In addition to having the entire Spotify catalog available, being able to listen without connection and without spending data, there is a lot of tricks for Spotify on Android that will allow you to get the maximum income from this monthly money. Some of the features will certainly make your life a lot easier.


Use offline mode

This feature may be the most well-known and basic, but if you don't already know it, start using it right now. If you have hired Spotify Premium, you can download the lists you want to store in your device's memory so you can listen when you?re disconnected or trying to save data. For example, you can listen to music on the plane or when you are traveling in other ways without spending your data allowance.

Go to the playlist you want to download, touch the icon at the top right of the screen and then Download so that the songs in the list are downloaded to your cell phone.

Offline mode

Listen to music with maximum quality

If you use the free version, you will have to conform to the predetermined audio quality, but if it is Premium you will be able to seek the maximum quality in your songs, a feature that Spotify puts at your disposal so that you can choose the quality of the music at all times. There are three different profiles, one lossless, 141kbps, another standard at 320kbps and the smallest used by the free version of 160kbps. Obviously the lesser compression uses more bandwidth, so we recommend that you use the lossless mode through WiFi or unlimited deductibles.

You can change the quality of the music by going to the configuration menu and then search and tap on the Music quality option. Still, It is possible to set the audio quality separately for downloaded files and streaming.

Download to a microSD

If you have the Spotify app for Android and pay the monthly subscription, you can download lists and music, but this does not mean that your smartphone's memory will be full. You can choose to store these songs in the free space of your memory card instead of using the device's internal memory.

Enter in Settings and search for the option Others then click on Storage. It will be here where you can choose whether you want Spotify downloads go directly to internal storage device or the microSD you have inserted.

Use the playlist

If you are a user of the free version, you will only be able to enjoy the playback in random mode, but Spotify Premium allows you to listen, in addition to the random, the songs in the order you want. If you don't like the order of an album or a list, or if you just want to reorder according to your mood in the morning, you can do it through the playlist.

Open any song and, when playing, see in the upper right corner an icon that leads to the playlist. In this section you can add songs and adjust the playback order. Also, if you see that some music you don't like is in one of the first positions on the list, you can delete it from there.

This utility will serve especially for those moments when you need the music tap a given order, but we can't go on your cell phone every three minutes to change the music, like an event, a wedding or the car.

Find what you heard yesterday

If we go to the playlist, we will find another fascinating utility for Spotify. There are times when we feel like listening to music over and over, but other times we spend days or weeks listening to music of a certain style. If what you played the day before was pleasing to the point of wanting you to repeat, Spotify lets you find back.

In this case, they can only be found on the PC version. Log in to your account, go to List next to the music's timeline and find a tab called History, where you can find this song played yesterday and that you liked so much, but that you don't remember the title.

Use compatible devices

One of the best features of Spotify is that you can play music on your mobile device … but also choose which device to listen to. Your smartphone serves as a remote control for your TV, computer or tablet.

If you are at a party with a large group, it is normal that the volume capacity of your smartphone is not sufficient to support the music of the place. Spotify enters the scene. If you connect your tablet or notebook to a speaker, you don't have to go there to change the music. D to control playback via your smartphone even if you are on the other side of the room.

Open a song and tap on Connect to a device. Here you can see the list of compatible devices and be able to connect your smartphone to one of them and start playing music remotely.

Car mode

One of the last functions that we can enjoy and one of the best for Spotify on Android is the vehicular mode. It allows a simplified interface to not get distracted behind the wheel. It is not necessary to activate manually, since it is possible to configure this option so that Spotify switches to the vehicle mode whenever it detects the bluetooth of your car. Just go on Settings> Vehicle mode> Enable automatically. You can also tap on the Always On option so you can always keep the interface simple and intuitive for you to use.

Use Spotify as an alarm clock

Using Spotify as an alarm clock is one of the best functions for Android. To activate you will need the Google Watch app, in addition to having Spotify installed on your device. When creating an alarm and need to decide which audio wake you up in the mornings, you can choose a song to act as an alarm clock and thus start the day with your favorite theme, be it relaxing or with lots of little decibbles for those who don't get out of bed if it is not shouting.

Open the Clock application, then go to Alarm and create a new one. In the settings, when you see the Repeat option, you will see that you can add a song, and that you need to click. Google makes available to you several sources of music via streaming for you to choose from, in addition to predetermined audio. Tap Spotify, select the music you want and turn it into your alarm clock.

Alarm clock