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Share your favorite urban works of art with the world through Wander

Wander is a social network specially aimed at sharing urban art. The application was created by Jos Braga, Diogo Antunes, Joo Borges, Jos Simes and Rodrigo Martins, students of the Informatics Engineering degree at the University of Coimbra, in a project for the chair of Management and Innovation Processes.

To start making your favorite urban artworks known to the world or even your most curious finds, it is only necessary to create an account in the application, defining your username and password.

Once registered with Wander, you will be able to start photographing the urban artistic landscapes that you consider most interesting, or even your creations, and to publish them in the application, including their author and a description. For other enthusiasts to find it, the piece will be available on a map in the application.

For now, Wander is only available for Android devices, although the team that developed it is planning an iOS version, its creators revealed to P3. Urban art fans can start planning their city exploration adventures by downloading the free app from the Play Store.