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Pokémon GO: GO Battle League has arrived and will reward the best trainers in the world

Online competitions will reach Pokmon GO with the introduction of the GO Battle League mode. Gradually, over the course of this week, players can expect the update that gives them pre-season access, a period that will allow them to test the new online game mode, helping Niantic to fine-tune the platform before the official launch. The battles will be optimized and there will be a balance in the confrontations.

In this phase, the stadium also seeks to understand the ideal time for the duration of the season, as well as the scores and format of the rankings. The stadium states that the GO Battle League Coaches' Battles will be run between three leagues, and afterwards through the position in the ranking of the best players, they will receive rewards.

Thus, during the pre-season, the battles start with the Great League, followed by the Ultra League (on February 10) and then the Master League (on February 24), running again for the first, on 9 March, and so on every two weeks. Niantic warns that players can test the ranking system willingly, but that at the beginning of the first season it is undergoing a partial reset, considering this period as an opportunity to practice the mechanics and collect prizes.

The stadium took the opportunity to share its first ideas regarding the rewards of the competitions. First, the prizes will be determined by the ranking and the battles that the players have won. In order to participate in the GO Battle League, players will have to walk 5 km, unlocking five online matches. Which can be done three times a day. The rank further determines the amount of Stardust received, and how many of the five battles they won. There are still other items that players can receive, such as rare candies and TM, in addition to exclusive encounters with certain Pokmon. The walking distance needed to unlock the next round of competition can be reduced by paying PokCoins. But the first access will be free, you don't need to walk to participate.

Some of the most desirable rewards will be cosmetic items for coaches, some exclusive as competition rewards, including Pikachu Libre that appeared in Pokmon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and Pokkn Tournament. By using these exclusive items, players are simultaneously identifying themselves as athletes in the GO Battle League tournaments.

One change concerns the Premium Raid pass, which will be converted into a Premium Battle Pass. This is more access to subscribers, who in addition to continuing to have exclusive access to Raids, will also have the GO Battle League. As you would expect, the rewards for pass holders are better.