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Plasma Mobile: Hard work brings more good results

Check out the latest news published by Plasma Mobile developers.

Following with the series of articles that we are bringing about the evolution of the operating system for mobile devices of the KDE project, the Plasma Mobile, I now bring you the main implementations that have been made since our last post about the subject. plsma-mobile-hard-work-brings-more-good-results

Let's start by talking about visual coherence. Modifications recently made by Carson Black have made splash screens (images that are displayed when opening applications) have a color scheme that follows the pattern of each application's icon.

Check below a video demonstrating the modification in operation.

The Calindori calendar app now has the option to repeat events. Through the application's event editor, the user can choose whether the events repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It will still be possible to choose how long this repetition will be kept on.

configuration-of-repetition-of-events-in-calindori configuration-of-repetition-of-events-in-calindori

The public transport assistant Ktrip now allows the user to select the providers from which their data is obtained, as well as to disable unnecessary providers, thus making the search faster and less redundant. A modification has also been made so that the drawer (menu that appears when you drag your finger from one side of the screen) in the desktop mode is displayed via a menu button.

The phonebook application now has the option of adding and removing contacts from online sources, such as Nextcloud. Before it was possible to just display, but not edit such contacts.

thumbnails-in-okular-document-viewer list-of-content-in-document-viewer-okular

Finally, version 0.1 of the code generator testing phase for two-factor authentication, Keysmith, was released.

For now, I see the feasibility of using Plasma Mobile on a large scale as something far away, but remarkable how much the developers are committed to making the system increasingly polished and complete. Just read our previous articles on the subject, or even original posts (in English) published by the project members themselves to see how much the system has improved in recent months.

As I mentioned in previous articles, I can't wait to have a spare smartphone to be able to test the system. And you, what do you think about the new improvements, and also about the future of Plasma Mobile? Tell us more in the comments!

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