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Nubank recommends users to use virtual card in online purchases

Nubank recommends users to use virtual card when shopping online

Nubank released a note on a social network on Tuesday (28) asking users to use the Virtual Card for purchases on the internet. The reason: Security. If you have your data stolen by a website, you will not be required to request a new physical card, and you can delete your virtual card at any time. Simple and easy.

Like the physical card, the virtual card is a "second" card that has different information. Thus, the "roxinho" company avoids having to send you a new card. Also, in case of problems with the physical card (such as theft), the virtual card continues to function normally (only for online purchases).

See the publication made on Twitter:

What is a Virtual Card?

The virtual card as if it were another card. Even linked to your account and having the same limits, it has different data such as: number, expiration date and security code. So, if your maximum limit is R $ 5,000 and you make a purchase of R $ 500 with the physical card and another R $ 500 on your virtual card, you will still have a limit of R $ 4,000 to spend. In physical stores only the physical card can be used.

The virtual card can also be used before your physical card reaches the post office. With your account approved and obeying the imposed limit, you can buy online with your virtual "purple" number.

The virtual card is available to customers who have the credit function. Who has a card with debit function does not have access to the virtual card.

I want to delete my virtual card and have a new one: how to do it?

If you use a virtual card for a long time, it is recommended to create a new one to prevent your data from being vulnerable on the network. Thus, you can, at any time, delete your virtual card and create a new one. But, ATTENTION: subscriptions and recurring purchases where your card number is linked (Netflix, Uber, Mercado Livre, etc.) will not be paid with the previous card number. Thus, you will have to update the data at your service provider to be able to make the payment.

To create a new virtual card on Nubank s, select the shortcut "Virtual Card" that appears on the bottom tab and enter your 4-digit password (the same used for purchases). There, fintech will generate a new number with different data.

You also do not need to delete and make a new card every time you use it when shopping online. Do this only when you identify a risk.

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