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Mobile games earn Nintendo over $ 1 billion in revenue

Sensor Tower's latest report reveals that Nintendo's bet on the mobile gaming market is paying off. The revenue generated by the money invested by players in the titles of the Japanese manufacturer in the Play Store and in the App Store surpassed the billion dollar mark. Altogether, the six titles in Nintendo's mobile games catalog already have 452 million global downloads.

According to analysts, the Fire Emblem Heroes strategy RPG accounts for 61% of Nintendo's total revenue. The title reached the digital stores of Google and Apple in 2017 and has already generated around 656 million dollars. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes second in the podium, making up 12% of the revenues generated, and third, Dragalia Lost, with 11%.

Nintendo's revenue in the mobile gaming market. credits: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower analysts reveal that games with Nintendo's iconic plumber were the ones that generated the least revenue. For example, Mario Kart Tour broke records in its launch week in September 2019, reaching the mark of 90 million installations. However, the data indicates that the title represents only 8% of the manufacturer's revenues, totaling 86 million dollars.

Japan is the country where players invest the most money in Nintendo games, a market responsible for 54% of revenues, which corresponds to 581 million dollars. This is followed by the United States, with 316 million dollars, with Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run being the favorite titles of American gamers.

Nintendo has been experimenting with several ways to make its games profitable, such as through the Gold Pass, the subscription service for Mario Kart Tour. For 4.99 dollars per month, players can receive a variety of unique items and badges and even a speed boost on their virtual vehicles. Nevertheless, Nintendo seems to have found the magic formula for success through the introduction of gacha mechanics (similar to loot box format) in Fire Emblem Heroes, where users invest money in certain items that can bring them different surprises.