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Meet the titanium iPhone was inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

Cyberphone - iPhone 11 Pro with super exclusive Caviar customization was inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCyberphone – iPhone 11 Pro with super exclusive Caviar customization was inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

When Tesla's Cybertruck was introduced to the general public, opinions were divided, some felt that the future utility had a disruptive design, others felt that Tesla had much more capital to invest in its project.

Regardless of the sides, Cybertruck definitely drew a lot of attention, now imagine you have a pocket on your Cyberphone. This was the idea of ??the Russian manufacturer Caviar, known in the market for launching super exclusive versions of smartphones, watches and etc.

The Cyberphone is an iPhone 11 Pro wrapped in a titanium body, whose design is inspired by Cybertruck, according to a YouTube video published this week.

"On the device, it is possible to track the deliberate geometry of the lines, the simplicity of the shapes and the versatility of the materials", says the Caviar website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the Cybertruck in November 2019. The stainless steel body of the electric vehicle and the unique and angular design inspired a variety of responses.

The Caviar version for a smartphone also folds into a holder. Only 99 units will be produced, and the company is making pre-orders.

In addition to the Cyberphone, Caviar also manufactured a case for iPhone 11 that has a gold and diamond prince and costs $ 129,000. Or, if the religious images on the back of the phone aren't your style, there's the Grand Complications Skeleton for the iPhone XS, which looks like the inside of a very expensive watch. The price starts at $ 6,490.

About the price of Cyberphone, we still don't have the information on Caviar's website. But something tells me it won't be cheap. After all, the company known for delivering personalized and exclusive devices to its customers.

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