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Learn how to put music on iPhone from PC or Mac

Moving music from PC to iPhone is a fairly simple process. On computers with Windows or macOS Mojave (or older systems) they can do the process through iTunes. MacOS Catalina devices must use the Finder to place the music on iOS. In both cases, I need to use a USB cable.

If you prefer something more practical and free of wires, you can resort to transfer services or storage in the cloud, like iCloud and AirDrop. Or simply subscribe to a service streaming.

AppGeek shows you how to save music to your iPhone using all these methods so you can choose your favorite.

How to put music on iPhone by PC

This walkthrough is useful for Windows or Mac users with macOS Mojave or older. In such cases, to transfer music from the PC to the iPhone it is necessary to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

You also need to have the most current version of Mac OS or an updated edition of Windows 7 or higher. On the iPhone, the system must also be updated.

In addition to songs, the process also allows you to transfer videos, photos, contacts, playlists, among other files. Keep in mind the USB cable that came with your smartphone.

1. Open iTunes;

2. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable;

3. The iPhone icon appears in the upper left corner of the program screen. Click on it;

How to put music on iPhoneReproduction / Apple

4. In column Settings, located in the right corner of the screen, click on Music. If you want to share another type of content with your phone, like Photos, just select the corresponding item;

How to put music on iPhoneReproduction / Apple

5. On the screen that opens, check the box next to the option Synchronizeat the top of the screen;

6. You can choose whether you want to send the entire library to the iPhone or if you prefer to select options manually;

7. When finished, go to To apply. If synchronization does not occur automatically, click Synchronize.

How to import music from PC to iTunes

To transfer the music from the computer to the iPhone it may be necessary that the files have to be imported into iTunes. If you still don't know how to do it, don't worry, the process is quite simple.

First, open iTunes. Then follow the path: Add Library File or Add Library Folder Click on the file or folder Open.

Apple explains that by performing the above procedure, the file itself is not transferred to the iTunes folder. A reference to it is created, a kind of path to access the file in its source folder.

Therefore, it is possible that some songs cannot be played in the app.

How to put music on iPhone on Mac

MacOS Catalina users must sync the Mac with the iPhone via the Finder. The process is very similar to that performed with iTunes.

In this case, it is also necessary to use the USB cable to perform the procedure. In addition to transferring music, it can also be used to send to other types of files, such as photos, videos, among others.

1. Open a Finder window;

2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the USB cable;

3. In the column on the left side of the screen, the name of the iPhone will be displayed. Click on it;

How to put music on iPhoneReproduction / Apple

4. The computer may ask if the device is reliable. Confirm;

5. On the top tab of the device screen, select the tab Music;

6. Then check the box next to Synchronize;

7. You can choose whether you want to send the entire library to the iPhone or if you prefer to select options manually;

8. When finished, go to To apply.

Other methods to put music on the iPhone

Apple itself suggests that iPhone users use some of the methods below to transfer files between devices. In this way, it is possible to keep all devices synchronized and updated simultaneously. Just that they are connected to the internet.

iCloud Drive

how to transfer music to the iPhone

ICloud is Apple's cloud storage service and integrates all devices that use it with the same Apple ID. Therefore, files saved in iCloud can be accessed from iPhone, PC, Mac or any device with the app installed and activated. They are also accessible through the website.

To activate iCloud on the iPhone, just follow the path: Settings your name iCloud iCloud Drive. Files are available in the app Files.

On your PC, you need to download iCloud for Windows. So, just open the program, log in with the same Apple ID and click iCloud Drive and then on To apply.

Meanwhile, on the Mac, you should open the Apple menu, go to System Preferences and click on Apple ID (this option does not exist in macOS Mojave or earlier). Now, click iCloud and login with Apple ID. Then select iCloud Drive.


put music on iPhone

AirDrop is a feature that works only between Apple devices and allows you to transfer files between devices over the wireless network. Just be less than 9 meters from each other and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks enabled.

Then, just open the file you want to send and click on a rectangle icon with an up arrow. Choice AirDrop between sharing options, then select the user to transfer to.

The person will receive a notification of the shipment. Just tap Accept to start the transfer.

Streaming services

Another way to listen to music on the iPhone is to download the app from one of the music streaming services available on the market. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music are among the best known.

These platforms usually offer a vast library of music, as well as thematic playlists and podcasts. Most of them have free plans, but they have limited resources and are full of ads.

Paid versions give users more freedom to skip songs and even allow them to download tracks and programs to listen to them offline.

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