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It is now possible to play the global version of The King of …

The SNK characters are having a second life thanks to the company's work when selling their licenses to third parties so that sagas like Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown do not fall by the wayside. In the case of The King of Fighters, the number of titles for Android based on the saga of fighting games is huge, but a new one arrives to take the crown of best of all: The King of Fighters AllStar a beatem up where we fight with and against characters from Fatal Futy, The Art of Fighting and many other company titles.

Although the Asian version has been around for a long time, it?s only now that NetMarble published the global version in which several languages ??are included: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

The whole game pays homage to a saga, allowing advance in chronological order all the events that happened during the titles. Starting in The King of Fighters 94 and reaching Edition 99, we will unlock new scenarios and battles where we will form teams of three members that we will be able to control in real time. A game where everyone against you in which you can play with Terry Bogard and Robert Garcia is guaranteed success even for those who are afraid of the usual freemium model.

SNK games available for Android

As expected, the whole experience is based on unlocking characters through the system gacha, where we will obtain random rewards that will allow us to increase our list and raise the level of combatants. This system is filled with the inevitable alternative game modes, login rewards and time events that will prolong gaming addiction for several weeks. Still, and as we've talked about before, the game is fun enough that we don't get obsessed with getting resources and focus on having fun smashing the screen to exchange punches with enemies.

The King of Fighters AllStar is a gift for the more experienced gamers who dreamed of having an arcade at home as children and who spent horrors on chips. Luckily, today we can relive our adventures with these characters, as demonstrated by the different games inspired by the SNK universe and clever maneuvers such as the arrival of Terry Bogard in the Super Smash Bros. saga. as the brand slogan said: the future now.