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Is it worth buying a $ 350 video card in 2020?

Here at Oficina da Net we have already reviewed several video cards, you can even take a look at the tests here on the website or on YouTube, I will leave links for both below.

However, today's test is a little different, after all the video card we are going to test today is also a little different. Normally, when asked what is the cheapest video card worth buying, we like to recommend the AMD RX 570, which brings good performance at a lower price than its competitors, apart from the performance improvements that happen with each update. software that the company makes.

Here we have the RX 550, which is two steps below the RX 570 and which costs between R $ 300 to R $ 400, that is, one of the cheapest video cards available in the Brazilian market. The question is not whether it passes our regular test battery, and we don't even want her to try it, but rather to see if we can play – with good experience – new releases and even heavier games.

In addition to the more technical data that we bring in this article, we also made a video with the FPS data of the board, you can check it there at the top of the post 🙂

First of all, let's take a look at the technical sheet of the board, which shows how it came out of the factory and some important points about it.

Powercolor RX550 Red DragonPowercolor RX550 Red Dragon

As you may have noticed, the RX 550 besides having only 4GB of GDDR5 video memory, the GPU Boost below 1200Mhz, it does not have an extra power connector – all power removed directly from the PCIe Slot – and we only have 1.2 Maximum band TFLOPs, which is not much.

Still, let's see how well she performed on selected games, and decide if it is possible to run them in acceptable framerates.

In addition to the specifications of the card, we also have the specifications of the PC used during the benchmarks. Again, there has been no change since the RX 590's Smooth Wheel, which was the last.

Metro Exodus

1080P – Ultra

Metro Exodus
Average FPS35 + or-
Minimum FPS?
Maximum FPS?
1% Low?
0.1% Low?

You must be wondering about the data above, but I have a good reason for that: for some strange reason, I can't extract benchmark data with the RX 550 on the Metro Exodus. I have reinstalled the game, video driver, capture software, and nothing to mount the report.

What can I say, that the average was close to 35 FPS because I was able to monitor the FPS in real time, but the report itself, with the accurate data was unfortunately not possible to generate.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

1080P – Medium

Metro Exodus
Average FPS33.2
Minimum FPS23.6
Maximum FPS46.7
1% Low21.6
0.1% Low20.7

The new Call of Duty came very well optimized on the PC platform, unlike some titles in the past, which even with the best hardware presented performance problems.

We tested the game in its maximum settings as well, but the above report comes from the media. The FPS difference between the maximum and the average was only 5 FPS, but the visuals have changed a lot. The gaming experience is very similar, so it goes from what you prefer when playing.

Rainbow Six: Siege

1080P – Ultra

Rainbow Six Siege
Average FPS78.3
Minimum FPS61.1
Maximum FPS97.2
1% Low59.7
0.1% Low58.8

Rainbow Six Siege with the preset Mdio left us above 60 FPS basically all the time, with only 1% and 0.1% Low going down, but calmly within the margin of error.

So, if you only want to play Rainbow Six Siege, the RX 550 will give you a good experience with graphics in the media and in Full HD.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

1080P – Low – MSAA X4

Metro Exodus
Average FPS207.6
Minimum FPS21.4
Maximum FPS342.6
1% Low23
0.1% Low12.4

CSGO is another competitive game, and as the results above demonstrate, much lighter than Rainbow Six Siege. He has no focus on graphics, only on gameplay and the final result of the game, so we decided to test on Low.

In this configuration, the card maintained a total average above 200 FPS, with messages being at times that there are many smokes in the same place, the heaviest part of the Benchmark map and that undoubtedly shows an unrealistic situation.

Still, the card is powerful enough to push the game, and the data proves it.

Grand Theft Auto V

1080P – Normal – Normal grass – MSAA x4

Grand Theft Auto V
Average FPS76.7
Minimum FPS48.5
Maximum FPS141.3
1% Low
0.1% Low

In GTA V, we use the vast majority of graphic options in Normal, with the lighter ones leaving in High or Very High, and in advanced options we leave Long Shadows and Streaming in Vo HD enabled.

The surprise was seeing the FPS above 60 with great ease, and without a doubt we could have some graphical options at higher levels, but we prefer to leave it at that. The sign surprised us in its performance, and we were very happy with it.

Battlefield V

1080P – Ultra

Battlefield V
Average FPS
Minimum FPS
Maximum FPS
1% Low
0.1% Low

Battlefield V unfortunately doesn't run on the RX 550, and when I say No Roda, I can't start the game, that's right.

Well, we even managed to click on "Play" inside Origin, and a black screen opens, with the V loading at the top right of the screen, but that's what happens. We never made it to the game menu, which already gives us her verdict: don't buy to play Battlefield V.

Forza Horizon 4

1080P – Medium

Forza Horizon 4
Average FPS52.7
Minimum FPS46.8
Maximum FPS59.9
1% Low
0.1% Low

Forza Horizon 4 proved to be a well-optimized game, and that pushed the RX 550 to its limits, too. Even with everything on the medium and MSAA turned off, we were unable to pass the 60 FPS mark, and leaving everything on Low affects the visual quality a lot.

Of course, you can make some changes that improve the visuals without affecting performance very much, but we consider a decent performance, even more because it is only a R $ 300 card.

The Division

1080P – Minimum

The Division
Average FPS37.4
Minimum FPS25.1
Maximum FPS48.4
1% Low26.3
0.1% Low24.1

The Division was where the board really couldn't take it, and even with almost everything at least we didn't see performance above 40 FPS. The only solution would be to decrease the resolution, but we believe it is not worth it in relation to Visual x Performance.

And so we finish our list of tests, let's conclude and talk about the final considerations.


Below is a table with the summarized performance of all games tested with the RX 550, which includes Battlefield V, which unfortunately did not start with this card and ends up receiving a No Roda.

Game / BenchmarkFPS MdFPS MnFPS MxSeal
Metro Exodus35Wheel
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare33.223.646.7Wheel
Battlefield VNo Roda
Forza Horizon 452.746.859.9Wheel
Grand Theft Auto V76.748.5141.3Rida Liso
Rainbow Six Siege78.361.197.2Smooth Wheel
Counter Strike Global Offensive207.621.4342.6Super Smooth Wheel
The Division37.425.148.4Wheel

After analyzing the performance of the RX 550, we were able to prove that it is in fact an entry-level video card, both in price and in performance. The fact that we were unable to rise from 40 FPS in some games and one of them did not even start reinforces this conclusion.

Despite this, the card showed good performance in some titles, mainly in GTA V, which we expected to see performance well below the level shown in the tests, which was a great surprise.

Powercolor RX550 Red DragonPowercolor RX550 Red Dragon

But despite the good surprises and some results we already expected, we ended up not recommending the RX 550 to anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot on video card, but why?

Simple, AMD itself offers APUs (CPUs with Integrated video cards) with very similar performance, and that you do not need an external video card for it. The Ryzen 5 2400G can be easily found below R $ 800, and which already offers the processor + video card combo with similar performance, and the price will be less than if you buy both separate components.

In addition, this allows you to save more money for a video card with more power to purchase in the future, and thus have more performance while spending less.

Make no mistake, the RX 550 is not a bad card, but it ends up becoming a not very viable option because of AMD itself, which brought excellent new products in the last year, and thus made some of its older offerings a little obsolete .

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