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iOS 12 will allow sharing the user's location on emergency calls

Apple today announced that the iOS 12 come with yet another feature focused on user safety, initially integrated with the emergency service 911 from United States.

Since 2015 Apple has already adopted HELO (Hybridized Emergency Location), which estimates the location of those calling the emergency using cell phone towers and device data such as their GPS and Wi-Fi access points.

Beginning with iOS 12, Apple will also start using the RapidSOS protocol to share this precise user location data in emergency call centers.

With that, police, firefighters and doctors in ambulances will have in their hands accurate data of those who are in trouble, in a few seconds. Currently, 80% of emergency calls are already made from mobile devices, so this should really make a difference.

Always concerned about privacy, Apple ensures that this location sharing is activated in emergency calls and data is sent to the center that started the call. Even so, if the user prefers, he can disable this feature on his iPhone.

The novelty a little bit like the Advanced Mobile Location (AML), which came with iOS 11.3 for European users. For now, we have nothing so modern and integrated like that in Brazil or Latin America, as a whole. Let it change soon