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IOS 12 media APIs will allow even greater integration of Siri with Spotify

That Crab will gain a number of new skills and features on iOS 12, everyone already knows. One of the news regarding the control of third-party media applications, such as Spotify thing that is one of the main requests of users of the assistant, since the world is.

We already talked about the news here, but now we have discovered another interesting thing about the topic and a post from MacStories it also shed a little more light on that.

The broadest article in dealing generally with so-called Shortcuts (Shortcuts) It is an assistant and is worth reading entirely, especially if you work in the area of ??app development, but the most interesting part is towards the end. The author, Federico Viticci, details a new intent (which as the command formats for Siri are referred to) called INPlayMedia, which allows an assistant to capture content from these third-party applications and reproduce them without the need for an intermediary.

The command has the ability to evoke applications running in the background and can even play audio on the HomePod or make suggestions on the locked screen. In this way Siri could, say, suggest its playlist exercise on Spotify when it detects that you have entered the gym. All of this theoretically, of course.

Most important of all, keep in mind that Siri will not magically learn all of these commands; It is essential that developers, like Spotify himself, embrace the idea and add the integrations of Average SiriKit so that users can benefit from it.

Or take the ?simpler? path, based on such Shortcuts. As the article says MacStories:

Overcast and other third-party podcast applications could, for example, offer Siri shortcut buttons at various places on its interface, to let users record phrases like ?Play my Overcast queue? or ?Let's listen to Connected?; playback would automatically start in the background and play through the device?s speaker, HomePod or other devices. If my interpretation of the tool is correct, the combination of the Shortcuts like New Media intent can alleviate many of the hassles involved with using Siri and third-party media services.

Apple has already published all of the documentation related to media control on Siri, so developers can go ahead and check out the news and test them with the iOS 12 betas.