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HTC Magic Review – TIM's Android Phone

As many readers were expecting, here's my review compiled from HTC Magic, one of the first Android-powered phones that TIM is bringing to Brazil. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing many of the tools available for the platform and analyzing the device's performance under various situations. The results of these tests, you can see below:


One of the qualities of the Android platform is to keep the device almost always active on the internet, this advantage, however, becomes a disadvantage when an ostentatious configuration is bulletproof. In our tests, an active and automatic synchronization setting can put Magic on a timed blackout.

With the great demand for the use of connection with the 3G band and the running of applications in the background, Magic presents a massive use of energy. In other words, the battery life can easily be reduced to just a few hours depending on the configuration made by the users.

When the configuration is programmed for a more contained and manual update, we obtain a great improvement in this aspect. Magic starts to respond for longer, stand by is no longer an urgent problem and you can do more things, such as making a call.

We recommend using a vehicle charger to avoid surprises.

Performance and Usability

If there is anything very interesting about Magic, its performance. The device is fast to run applications, even when there are applications in the background, and its response to touches is very similar to the experience provided by Apple's iPhone. The HTC Sense interface also helps a lot in this regard by highlighting some functions that the Android operating system does not offer by default.

With the integration of the multi-touch capability made by HTC, users can take better advantage of internet browsing and great ease of zooming in photos. The presence of a Flash plugin also offers a better experience of using the internet, all existing animations are displayed in the same way as on a standard computer.


A polemical aspect of Magic is its hardware. Although its 3.2 MP autofocus camera has good clarity in bright environments, the video mode is poor. The video recording is done with little clarity and viewing off the screen of the device is extremely frustrating.

Another negative point is in the storage of the internal memory, the Magic offers only 512 MB, space that can be easily filled depending on the quantity and size of the applications that the user intends to install. To meet this need, Magic can be expanded through microSD (compatible with SD 2.0).

In connectivity the device offers a prime-time for its consumers, the device supports 3G network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and Mini USB. The model also integrates a Track ball that allows you to easily browse Google Street View images, just slide your finger to view in all directions.

Android Cupcake 1.5

Now that we've seen some of the aspects of the HTC Magic device, and its physical differences, let's now dive into the world of the Android platform. Unlike the standard version of Android, the raw operating system that Google releases, the version provided by HTC has some additional features and facilities that make the device stand out.

Developed to have multi-interface and scenes (ex: define an interface for work, home, weekend), the Sense interface offers users the possibility to customize the seven Android screens independently, with dynamic widgets, shortcuts for applications and functions, and folders. The wallpaper and the home screen and the lock can also be customized.

The Android interface is also more bold and intuitive, access to the phone and the personalization option are visual and easier than in the standard version. Magic also reveals the integration of completely renovated applications and widgets, which guarantees the application a better visual quality and great surprises for consumers.

To meet the need for a QWERTY keyboard, as in the case of the Nokia N97, Android Cupcake 1.5 integrates a virtual keyboard that can be expanded to fullscreen by placing the device aside. The optimal sensitivity of the screen contributes to a comfortable and comfortable use.


If you are looking for a thin, light and fast device for communication, entertainment, and especially for staying connected to the internet, HTC Magic is definitely the device you need. Are you in any doubt, run to a TIM store and have a look, I'm sure you will like it. =)