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How to send an audio message via Apple Watch

Did you know that it is possible to send an audio message to someone via Apple Watch? The resource Saying The clock allows you to either send voice messages in the form of audio or use the transcript of that audio to send a text message to your contacts via the Messages app.

In systems prior to watchOS 3, the default behavior in the Watch Messages app was to ask if you wanted to send a voice recording or a text transcript when using voice input. As of watchOS 3, however, Apple defaults to the transcription of audio messages on the clock, which may have confused some people who thought the feature had been removed from the system.

However, it is possible to go back to the configuration of sending voice messages in the form of audio and customize this feature as you wish. To do this, just have the iPhone on which the Apple Watch is paired and follow the instructions below:

  1. On the iPhone, open the Watch app;
  2. In the "My Watch" tab, swipe down until you find Messages;
  3. Select the option ?Messages Dictated?;
  4. Change the default option "Transcription" to "audio" or "Transcription or audio", depending on your preference.

Sending audio message via Apple Watch

Knowing how dictated messages turn out in most cases, it may be more efficient to send an audio message to chat with friends or family. In the case of a business email, it may be interesting to use Dictation to transcribe a quick sentence or reply to one (if you do not currently have access to the iPhone).

Apple provides some tips for making better use of the Dictation feature on the Apple Watch, including speaking punctuation marks so that the phrase comes out the way you want it to. For example: "Do you have any suggestions, question marks".

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the Dictation language on the Apple Watch follows the keyboard language of the same app on the iPhone. So, if you have a problem dictating messages on your Apple Watch, chances are that is the case. To change the keyboard language on iPhone:

  1. Comes General Keyboard Settings;
  2. Touch ?Keyboards? and check the selected language;
  3. To choose a new keyboard, select "Add New Keyboard".

Simple, right?

WatchOS 5 Walkie-Talkie

In addition to exchanging audio messages over the Messaging app network, the future watchOS 5 will come with a new app that will provide a similar form of communication: Walkie-Talkie.

GIF with watchOS 5's new Walkie-Talkie app

With it, you can communicate with relatives / friends / colleagues who also have an Apple Watch by simply pressing the big yellow button, just like a real walkie-talkie.

It seems to be fun. ?

tip from Miguel Dornaes