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How to edit the best friends list on Instagram

The best friends on Instagram are a series of users who have exclusive access to certain content that you post. In Instagram Stories you can share posts for just these people and no one else. Today we tell you how to edit the best friends list on Instagram and add exclusive people who can see all the content on your profile.

We send all kinds of material to Instagram and we don't always want them to be seen by family or co-workers, for example. If the content you are going to post is personal and exclusive, you can make sure that only your best friends can see and choose which followers they see and which they don't.

Best friends on Instagram

By default, the Stories you share on Instagram can be viewed by your followers or anyone else who accesses your profile (if public). But if you want to be more exclusive or specific, you can set up a list of people you trust the most and share content just with them.

You can only know which users are on your best friends list and will not be notified. Neither the people included in your best friends nor the ones who are not included will receive any type of notification advising you of this. And yet, people who are not included in the knowledge that you posted those Stories.

Best friends Instagram

For set up your best friends list on Instagram, go to your profile, tap the three lines at the top right of the app and go to Best Friends. In this menu you can choose who you want from your list. You can post on Suggestions so that Instagram recommends some users to interact with that you may want to add. Or simply go by adding names to the list. You need to go looking for one by one who wants to add a list and touch the green Add button and go about configuring your list.

Best friends Instagram

In the Your list tab you will see the people in it and in the profile pictures a small star will appear to differentiate them from the others. Whenever you want, you can tap Delete next to any user; so you will no longer be on the Best Friends list.

You can also access it through your Stories. Go to the option to publish one and tap on the gear in the upper left corner. So you can access the Stories settings and be able to touch Best friends to add your contacts.

Best friends on Instagram

Share content with best friends

From then on, when you post a Story you will be able to choose whether you want it to be viewed by all your followers or just your best friends. Simply go to Instagram, follow the normal process for posting a Story and tap Best Friends on bottom left of the screen. Have the same possibilities and be able to add and edit as always. To differentiate the normal Stories from these, you will see that there is a green label in the upper right corner which indicates that they will only be shared with Best Friends.

For your friends your Stories will appear with a green circle instead of the usual in the colors of Insta. Whoever is not on the list will see nothing.