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How to Activate and What Do Do Not Disturb While Driving

It is not new for anyone that one of the main causes of accidents and mortality in traffic today, the mobile phone use behind the wheel. Being distracted from driving for a second is a huge risk for both driving and other people on the road, even though many of us are not aware of it when we pick up the smartphone to check the notifications or something and , we have to admit, who has never done this at least once in their lives?

To curb this type of behavior, several companies have introduced resources on their smartphones to discourage the use of smartphones while driving. Apple was one of the pioneers in this regard, bringing as a novelty of iOS 11 the so-called Do Not Disturb While Driving It is a variation of the already known Do Not Disturb method that, as the name already says, activates when the device detects that the user is driving.

The tool is very useful, especially for those who have more difficulty in the subtle art of self-control and end up taking the iPhone on the wheel in one way or another. But do you know how it works and how to activate it? Next, we show the way.


First, we clarify what the iPhone's behavior is when No Disturb on Driving is activated. Basically, here is an extension of the ?traditional? Do Not Disturb mode: the device goes into Quiet Mode and the screen goes dark, without turning on or beeping with notifications (some specific alerts, such as timers, alarms or emergency warnings, are still displayed) .

Calls also go unnoticed, except from your favorite contacts, if the person calls twice in a row or if the iPhone is connected to the car stereo via Bluetooth (in this case, it forwards the call to the media center). If you are using the Maps app (from Apple) for turn-by-turn navigation in Brazil, obviously, the device shows the map and informs the instructions on the sound system.

Regarding messages (either via SMS or iMessage), the behavior is a little different. Common messages do not generate notifications while the mode is activated and the sender receives an automatic response informing you that you are driving. If the message contains the word "urgent", however, it is notified in this way, you can ask Siri to read and answer the request or stop the car to resolve the cucumber in question.

How to activate

When upgrading to iOS 11 or connecting an iPhone that already comes standard with the system (or later) for the first time, the device will notice when you are driving and show a description of the feature when you stop, asking if you want to activate it . This is the easiest way to get Do Not Disturb While Driving, but you can also turn it on manually by going to Do Not Disturb Settings.

IOS 11 beta screenshotComplete configuration of the ?Do Not Disturb While Driving? feature. (Images: Ivan Wilhelm)

There, it is possible to adjust the operation of the feature, choosing if it will be activated automatically (that is, when the iPhone realizes that it is in a car remembering that the iPhone 5s is not compatible with the option), when connected to the car's speakerphone system via Bluetooth or manually.

If you choose the latter option, it is a good idea to add a Do Not Disturb icon to the Manage Control Center, for easy access; for that, just access the Settings Control Center Customize Controls and touch the ?+? next to the corresponding option.

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Useful tips, right? Just remembering that, even though Do Not Disturb While Driving is active, it just depends on you not using your cell phone while driving, anyway you can click on the option ?I?m not driving? to unlock it. Therefore, awareness always! ?