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How to activate an auto responder for WhatsApp

On some occasions we do not want to reply to messages that arrive via WhatsApp and pretend that we do not read, but on certain occasions we really have no way to respond. Luckily, there are tools that can send automatic messages in case we are not availableIt is especially useful for those who use this messaging tool to keep in touch with clients on a professional level.


Thanks to these tools we can program automatic responses according to various conditions, and until they are performed depending on the message sent by the other person. This way we can even customize the answer depending on what you have asked. We list some of the best Android apps that allow you to include this feature in the service.


One of the most complete tools for this purpose, allowing create personalized responses when we are not available. We will be able to automate responses or make the service active during certain hours of the day. It will also be possible to configure intelligent responses depending on the text received, as well as to limit responses to certain users, known or not.


WhatsAuto is activated with a single touch and its configuration is simple and effective. You can choose between your contacts and groups who receives automatic messages. You can choose from a list of prepared messages, like I'm driving, texting you later, or I can't speak now. It is also possible to personalize your own message, if you want to give more details of why you can't use your cell phone.


It also has other applications and utilities. For example, you can set the waiting time for a response, if each time the person sends a message to be answered or if you leave the first time, and a schedule to program, if we use the company's cell phone, when we are out of business hours for to let people know that we are not working at this time and that we will respond when we are on the job. [Download]

Auto responder for WA

There are multiple situations in which we cannot respond to WhatsApp messages immediately and also many messages that arrive. From family, friends, co-workers, customers … To not leave your messages with the same robotic message, the application Auto Responder for WA offers many customization options and utilities to respond to each chat with appropriate words according to who and what you write to us.

It is possible to allow time for the answer, choose which chats to work in, which answer will be given to each sender and many other customization options. D to answer all messages or specific messages. There is also the possibility to activate and configure a bot that will help you answer simple questions in an assisted manner.

We can create a multitude of responses and turn the smartphone into an authentic one smart auto responder for WhatsAppIt is very useful for those who use the smartphone as a means of communicating with the company and want to answer simple questions from customers such as opening hours of the business or other simple questions.

For example, if someone sends you a Hi, you can set up a standard response, so that when someone greets you and the application detects that the sender has used the previously configured words, respond with the phrase you have chosen beforehand. This is useful if someone asks about your work schedule, as you can program the response. Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, for example. An answer to every basic situation can make life a lot easier so you don't have to answer a lot of people manually asking the same question throughout the day and week. How much does it cost to budget? and program the free budget as an answer. [Download]

Can?t Talk

With fewer options than the previous ones, but also useful to warn your interlocutors that it is not available, Cant Talk is another interesting alternative. The application allows you to automatically respond to messages that arrive via WhatsApp when you are busy, driving or sleeping, and also to activate or deactivate with just one button, such as a switch to warn you when you can or do not respond.

possible choose what the app will respondThat is, if you are going to send the predetermined message when a zap, SMS or call arrives, to let anyone who is trying to reach you know that you are not available. Also, it allows the message to be sent to the same person even if she continues to send you messages, in case she contacts you again and you are not yet available. You can also change the default message, but you will not be able to customize who it is sent to or customize different messages for different situations.

Can't Talk - WhatsApp

The app is not completely free. You can use all services without paying for two weeks, but after the fifteen days you will need to hire the paid version if you want to continue answering WhatsApp automatically. It has two prices, one annual license and one permanent license for your cell phone. [Download]