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How can SharePoint contribute to your project? WebTrends helps with analysis

Optimize team work by analyzing Microsoft's work tool and content sharing, SharePoint. this is the main objective of the WebTrends platform, which, through various metrics, examines the dynamics of websites based on five parameters: content, engagement, people, technology and traffic.

Investing in SharePoint is an option for many companies. But how can you check the potential of this tool? To answer the question, the platform develops reports on sites created through SharePoint.

With several parameters analyzed, WebTrends identifies, for example, areas of the site that are not being explored and the interaction between employees. And because no one likes to have unnecessary documents on their platform, the website detects which files can be deleted.


Other data made available by the WebTrends reports include, in particular, the positions of the professionals who provide the most documents, with the pages with the most traffic also being subject to "inspection". To have access to this type of analysis, you must register with WebTrends.

In order to help its users to optimize the Microsoft platform, the site also bets on sharing documents and webinars with several tips. One of the themes is the identification of problems for companies that can be solved through SharePoint.