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Here is our second compilation of iOS 12 beta screenshots!

After our first compilation of iOS 12 screenshots, we already posted one from macOS Mojave and another from watchOS 5. We don't have much to show for tvOS 12, so let's turn our attention to the iPad, iPhones and iPod touch touch operating system.

Below, some more images of news that I saw in the iOS 12. Remembering that this is only the first beta, then some things may still change, as well as some others appear.

Safari Tabs on iPhone X

Now we not only have tabs in Safari with iPhone X in landscape mode (horizontally), as they also support favicons such as macOS Mojave Safari.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Do Not Disturb

The feature is smarter and more contextual. In the example below, it detects a movie ticket on the Wallet and suggests linking it to the end of the movie.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Leonardo Miranda

Two-factor authentication via SMS

If you use any two-factor authentication service that sends those six-digit codes by SMS, iOS 12 offers to fill them in automatically above the keyboard.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Renato Santos

Shortcuts in Messaging

At the top of chats / chats in the Messages app, it is now possible to tap the person's avatar to open shortcut buttons for calling, FaceTime and more user information.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Grouping of notifications

We have already shown how the notifications are grouped on the Lock Screen, but here are your adjustments. If you want, for example, you can disable this grouping in a given app.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Here, how they appear on an iPad:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Michel Bastos

Voice Recorder, Bag and Books app interfaces

For those who have not yet seen the new looks of these three apps, here are some images:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo
IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo
IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Interacting with the system and apps while they open

Check this out, which is fantastic:

Obviously, the example demonstrations in the video above are in slow motion, but this is the kind of thing that ends up making a legal difference in our daily lives with iGadgets (often without even realizing it).

Scan QR Code

Since iOS 11 it is already possible to open the Camera app and point the iPhone at any QR code, but Apple is making this functionality clearer with a shortcut to it via 3D Touch.

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Portrait lighting mode improvements

The Portrait Lighting Mode present on iPhones 8 Plus and X is still classified as beta, but receiving improvements on iOS 12. According to Apple, the system now generates a three-dimensional mask when it detects a person, in order to better separate him from the background of the Image.

Prevent accidental screenshots

Apple has also implemented a certain intelligence in iOS 12 to avoid accidental screenshots, such as when we are going to turn on the iPhone X screen and press both side buttons simultaneously. In such cases, the system will no longer take a picture of the screen.

Sending passwords via AirDrop

We already made a video here on the website demonstrating the sharing of Wi-Fi passwords for iOS 11, but on the 12th Apple kind of expanded this function and allowed users to send, via AirDrop, other saved passwords to people close to them like a login website, for example.

?And a, Siri? in Low Energy Mode

At least in the current test compilation, ?E a, Siri? seems to work even when the iPhone has Low Energy Mode enabled. That was one of the things that stopped working with this active mode on iOS 11.

Either a mere bug, or Apple has optimized its operation so as not to consume a lot of battery.

Improvement or bug in the multilingual keyboard?

According to a report by reader Juliano Rossi, on iOS 12 he was able to erase the English keyboard and still continue using QuickType suggestions for words in that language.

Although it sounds good especially for us Brazilians, it doesn't make much sense to work this way. Not surprisingly, some users who are also testing iOS 12 say that the behavior is not the same, which may indicate that it is just a temporary bug.

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Our next compilation is likely to come out when the second beta version of iOS 12 is made available to developers. Stay tuned! ?