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Google Translate application for Android will start making transcriptions in real time

Google has announced that a new feature will soon arrive at its translator. At an event on artificial intelligence, in So Francisco, the technology giant made known to the international press that the application of Google Translate for Android will simultaneously allow translating and transcribing conversations in real time.

In the press, Bryan Lin, one of the team members behind the translation tool, explained that the new feature will need a stable Internet connection in order to communicate with Google's servers. For now, the transcription function is still at a prototype stage, with support for languages ??such as Spanish, French and German being tested.

Google says that the real-time transcription functionality will only work with audio that is captured at the time of translation through the smartphone's microphone, and support for files with recordings made previously is not yet in its plans.

To translate and transcribe a conversation that is in one language to another completely different, the application of Google uses artificial intelligence. The technology developed by the company constantly evaluates the audio it captures to form coherent phrases. In addition, the Mountain View giant's AI is being trained to add punctuation, correct the use of certain words taking into account the context of the situation and even pay more attention to regional accents.