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Epic Games removes the entire “Infinity Blade” trilogy from the App Store

A sad news for lovers of the gaming universe took many people by surprise yesterday: Epic Games announced the end of the franchise "Infinity Blade", which had its first title released in 2010. Not only did the distributor announce the end of the saga, but it also unfortunately removed the three editions of the game from the App Store.

According to the note, with the development of the new game Spyjinx, among other projects, it became increasingly difficult for Epic to offer support for the series on a level "that meets the necessary standards". Despite this, ChAIR Entertainment co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard said he was excited about the future.

The Infinity Blade series will always have a special place for me and Epic as a whole. bitter to say goodbye, but we're excited about Spyjinx and the future!

With the withdrawal of titles from the App Store, all internal purchases of the apps have also been removed. Even so, those who have downloaded any of the games in the trilogy will be able to play them normally (without internal purchases). If you have already downloaded it, but at some point deleted the app from your device, see on this Apple support page how to download them again.

In addition, Epic explained that offering support for Infinity Blade III until the next month, including Clash Mobs and ?other surprises?. Interestingly, the company also made a provocation, saying that it will be possible to "find Infinity Blade appearing in unexpected places".

As we said, removing the trilogy is a surprise given its popularity and being one of the oldest franchises on the App Store. Ma even highlighted the title in past presentations to publicize its gadgets, but since the saga was completed (about five years ago, with the launch of Infinity Blade III), the news has stopped.

via TouchArcade